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Can A Mother And Her Daughter Wear The Same Sequined Skirt?

You already know the answer to the headlined question. Back in 2012 I bought a sequined skirt at All Saints. I wore it to the office holiday party with a black cotton button-front shirt, black Louboutins (these days you might prefer the pointy-toed version), dark red nails, gold bangles, and a family diamond-embellished cuff (I […]

A Few Singular Pieces Make Retirement Style Very, Very Simple

In a suburban retirement, one really doesn’t need all that many clothes. Unless one volunteers at a high level and attends glam events. The rest of us can live pretty simply. This doesn’t preclude style. I find that the best way to enjoy dressing simply is to find best-in-class pieces that I can wear over […]

If I Were Shopping At Nordstrom Today

A long time ago I bought this dress. It’s by Eileen Fisher, the only piece from that line I’ve ever owned. (It’s not dissimilar to this, available today.) I still have it. But it’s self-belted, and looks one notch below polished. Recently, no longer feeling like someone who wants to wear seersucker ankle-tied wedges, I […]

Possibly The Coolest Sturdy Gal Sunglasses In The World?

Yes, I am standing in a field of dry grass, in front of a trailer park. Yes, that is my 59-year old stomach. Good detective skills, my friend. However, I’m wearing new Ray-Bans, so I look more cool than idiotic. I am perhaps exaggerating. Let’s back up. It is an almost universal tenet of personal […]


Last Tuesday, having returned from Santa Barbara the night before, and having spent the bulk of the day on administrative tasks for my mother, I went to Whole Foods. I thought to myself, as I checked the full-length mirror, “I’m probably going to run into someone I know.” Decided I didn’t mind. My hair was […]

How To Choose Earrings For Jeans’ Styles

High WASPs (n.b. California regional variant) dress for balance. We love the cautious subjunctive;  it’s all about the IF statements (and the semi-colon). IF you are wearing navy you want to complement it with something bright. IF your shoes sparkle something else must be matte. IF your pants are tight your top must be loose. […]

More Options For The Midlife Midriff, Date Night California Style

Last weekend we took my father and stepmother out to dinner at a local restaurant. I couldn’t quite figure out what to wear because my blue shoes were in San Francisco. As will happen. Rummaging through my closet I found this pink linen tunic, from UNIQLO, and threw it on over a pair of 7 […]

Just In Case You Wanted To Try Long Gray Hair, A Personal History

This is the story of how one woman takes care of her long gray hair. But first, some personal history for anyone new to this blog. I’m 59. And a half, as of March 2016. For cultural context, i.e. to explain in part why I’ve been comfortable going gray, I’ve lived most of my life […]

Pre-Shopping For The Piece I Might Need For The Summer Of 2016, Or, How About A Maxidress?

When I was working I experimented with clothes. I bought a skater dress, reviewed different brands of cashmere and button-front shirts, wore corduroys. Come the new season, I hankered after that which was put before me — I followed fashion. I still follow fashion, but with more discretion. Hanker less, consider more. Less money, more […]

Putting On Five Pounds In Midlife On Purpose, Or, Saturday Morning at 9:49am

So I’ve just put on five pounds. On purpose. To be fair, this takes me from a BMI of 20 to one of 21, so I am not making a revolutionary statement. But it seemed my thought process, given our cultural focus on women’s weight, might of be of interest anyway. As background, I have […]

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