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Mostly Gadgets Complicate Life But Every Now And Then They Actually Simplify It

My 50s were quite turbulent, now that I think about it. Divorcing, misplacing a job, starting this blog, taking another job, remarrying, leaving a job. Children graduating college and finding their ways into the world of grownups. My mother moving to memory care and all those emergencies. So I am perhaps more focused on streamlining, on finding […]

Everything I Now Believe About The Long-Term Project Of Cooking For Two People

You asked me to report back with findings about how to cook for two, in retirement. OK then! Cooking isn’t my usual writing realm, but I do love a high level analysis of a carefully observed process. To optimize anything, one must first understand both the desired outcomes and the constraints. Desired Outcomes, AKA What […]

Broth, Or, Saturday Morning at 10:32am

After a way too busy holiday season, life is finally settling back to normal. The house painters have left – they’ll come back later for a few final touches. And yes, the front door is unfinished but I have decided 1.) I don’t care right now 2.) maybe I’ll just get a new door. Mid-century […]

Happy Thanksgiving, American Style, To You And Yours!

25 Ways To Maintain Your Shape At 50+

I have been asked several times, recently, for a post on how I maintain my shape. I’ve written about it before, tongue-in-cheek, in 11 Sneaky Tricks Of The High WASP Diet, and here, earnestly, in the Building Attractive series from last year. But maybe I haven’t yet answered the question usefully enough, so here’s another […]

6 Ways To Win A Sturdy Gal’s Valentine Heart

Cue brief spate of curmudgeonly grumbling. Valentine’s Day, like Christmas at its nadir, has a bad habit of turning substandard stuff into “gifts.” I mean, if you didn’t want the bouquet of blackening roses and baby’s breath on February 13th, you probably don’t want it on the 14th either. So say Sturdy Gals. However, give […]

Hunter S. Thompson Covers A Video Press Conference With Sodastream And Scarlett Johansson

Pretend I’m Hunter S. Thompson. Just for a minute. This will require pretending he writes a blog. Now pretend he is contacted and asked if he’d like to watch a live video of Sodastream announcing their new celebrity spokesperson, in return for which he will receive a Sodastream. Pretend he wants to give it away […]

News And A Thank You

Guess what? Here’s something fun. I won the Naturalizer Style At Any Age contest. I know! I’m really pleased, and surprised. I also need to thank you all so much. Go you guys! And go you so much that I’ll put together the giveaway for 2 pairs of Naturalizer shoes and get it up on […]

LPC Is On “Miss Whistle’s January Jeliciousness”

Today I’m over at Bumble Ward’s blog, Miss Whistle, answering the question, “What to cook in January when you have very little in your refrigerator?” The answer is Chinese Curry Noodles, and with ground beef, frozen peas, and a few pantry ingredients, you’re good to go. Tastes better than it should. While you’re there, take […]

The Simplest Thanksgiving Menu Ever

For Thanksgiving two years ago I pulled out all the stops. We had a Chinese-influenced meal, with about 112 dishes. OK, only 14, but still. Culminated in bao from scratch. Phew. Exhausting. Last year Significant Other and I were on our own and and we ate out. This year, the kids are with me again, […]

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