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Chocolate Peanut Butter For Breakfast, Or, Saturday Morning at 9:46am

Sometimes small changes are a big deal. Today I’d like to introduce you, unprompted, to Justin’s Chocolate Peanut Butter. We’re talking breakfast. In China they eat rou bao, and congee. Japan, miso soup. Sweden, a fishy paste squeezed from tubes, cracker bread, cheese, yogurt, fruit. Perhaps the world divides neatly into pastry and non-pastry breakfasters? […]

Why Do High WASPs Eat Wheat Thins For Lunch?

via 6bittersweets At the top of the list of assumed WASP traits sits our presumed diet, replete with mayonnaise, gin, and all other forms of beige and clear foodstuffs. Go poke around your popular culture venue of choice, look up WASPs, and you’ll see. I’ll wait, you look. Done? Need help finding the kind of […]

Sometimes You Stick To The Plan And Sometimes You Don’t, Or, Saturday Morning at 6:43am

This week I will be taking a planned quarterly break. Aside from the traditional holiday planting for the 4th, and a guest post I have every intent of completing, I’ll be off. Above you see my attempt at baking a chocolate cake this morning, for a family birthday. An example of plans gone awry. I […]

A Purple, Gold And Blush Wedding

I’ve been helping my brother and sister-in-law design their wedding. They thank me occasionally, but all I can think, is, they are letting me do this? It’s wildly fun. She took me to see the space. It boasts triple height ceilings in an Arts and Crafts decor, with standard brown and gold carpet. They wanted […]

The 11 Sneaky Tricks Of A High WASP Diet

How, you might wonder, do High WASP women keep their weight where they want it? For it’s true that we tend more often to the slender. Of course, that renders us prone to shriveling in our later years, but there you go. Let me say that I understand and have lived the difficult and unfair […]

15 High WASP Practices For Growing And Using Tomatoes

1. Buy an organic seedling at your locally-owned nursery. You approve of capitalism, but prefer not to ravage the planet with the chemicals of agribusiness. 2. Plant said plant in your front yard. What? That’s where the sun is, that’s where the tomato plant is going, the neighbors will understand. And no, we don’t think […]

What Everybody Ought To Know About Real Swedish Home Style

To some, Swedish home style means something like these below. Seats? I’m not sure. The Grandes Dames among us might dream more grandly. Maybe of Swedish gilt. In fact, as lived, Swedish home design is above all endearing. Made for smiling. Some things are fuzzy, some anthropomorphic. White for dark winters, and color for long […]

Would You Like To Win A Copper-Clad Omelette Pan?

It’s time for another giveaway.The fine folks at CSN Stores got in touch with me. CSN has all sort of online shops – they supplied the Rowallan jewelry keep last year. The company also sells mattresses, garden furniture, and things like TV stands. They appear to do almost no marketing, except this bit where they […]

Eating In Paris Is Not Like Eating In Other Places. Some People Talk To You, Some People Don’t.

For those of us who like to feel we’ve snagged the best of the best, eating in Paris can cause Street Fair Anxiety. You know the street fair fear of Not Finding The Best, or, Settling For The Not So Good? Wandering from booth to booth not knowing where to stop? Oh. Maybe it’s just […]

The Best Minimal-Prep, Little-Clean Dish For 3 Days Of Eating Alone

Raw chicken is scary. But I like the cooked kind. Much as I love a perfect cashmere sweater, we can’t live on style alone. Turns out we have to eat. And there comes a time for almost all of us when we will be eating alone for a few days. Maybe you’re single and living […]

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