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Gardening In Retirement, Or, Saturday Morning at 8:30am

I’ve been gardening a lot lately. By which I mean I’ve been doing everything from mowing my front lawn to weeding paths to conversing with a bed of white roses. While I love the activity of gardening, the hobby itself is a little, odd. By which I mean the hobbyists, myself included. We mutter. We [...]

25 Ways To Maintain Your Shape At 50+

I have been asked several times, recently, for a post on how I maintain my shape. I’ve written about it before, tongue-in-cheek, in 11 Sneaky Tricks Of The High WASP Diet, and here, earnestly, in the Building Attractive series from last year. But maybe I haven’t yet answered the question usefully enough, so here’s another [...]

Flowers, Or Perhaps We Should Say “Florals,” In The House

Today is Flowers In The House day. Jane, at Small But Charming, is a florist, and today she and her buddies post photos of their arrangements. A wonderful way to start the week. I like to participate when I can, but it’s also Annual Nothing Blooms In Northern California Day, and I have only the [...]

Paving Over, Or, Saturday Morning at 9:01am

I love working in the city. People walking on sidewalks, glimpses of sky between buildings, so many odd conversations. One morning I listened to a hard-hatted construction worker and a toothless street man discuss the local Audi dealership, as they separately drank their coffee at a donut joint. But if I can’t spend my weekend [...]

Flowers Refusing To Get In The House

(If anyone’s wondering why on earth I am posting twice in one day, chalk it up to wanting to hang out with online friends. Or else my general chatterbox nature. Either reason will do and be true besides. We will return to the usual rhythm next week.) It’s time for Flwrjane’s Flowers in the House. [...]

Flowers In The House, When Summer Is A-Going Out

The California garden’s on the downswing, gang. White roses pinken, and brown. Pinken is a word. We say so. Lavender drops its little petals. Rose campion remains vibrant, but only from a distance. Up close, gnawed and tattered. The Unknown Shrubbery steps up to help her faltering sisters. There’s strength in numbers. Tell no one [...]

Happy 4th Of July!

I love the 4th of July. My patriotism unfurls, no politics in sight. So let’s hear it for the red. The white. and the blue. If you like fireworks, I hope you find great blooms of them close to hand. Share on Facebook Tweet!

Flowers In The House

Jane, over at Small But Charming, runs a little blog moment called, “Flowers in the House.” Many florists and talented people bring flowers inside and take pictures, to post them on the Internet. Don’t you love that moment when you settle your bouquet into the vase, and the stems fall, just a bit? The way [...]

Throwing Teacups On The Floor, Or, Saturday Morning at 9:30am

I’ve had lots of opportunities to be a grownup this week. I rose to some of them. Not all. It does get easier, grownuphood. I suppose it’s one of those tradeoffs for the indignities of aging. When I was young, I was young. Not adult at all. My father suggested I should take Katherine Hepburn [...]

The Metaphoric Garden Of Our Single Springs

I love my garden. Technically, garden[s] plural, I suppose, as there’s one in the front yard and one in the back. I’ve owned this house for over 25 years. But I have to say, I don’t much care for the Here Comes Spring Again part of the process. So much budding greenery. What if I [...]