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The Calendar Of Greenery

My garden is, from a distance, mostly green. But at a certain time in the spring, in one spot, small bright flowers grow. Native geraniums up close, a fringe bush in the background. Forget-me-nots. This usually happens around Easter. Oxalis. This year it’s early. And this year, a lone calla lily is blooming. I have […]

Putting A California Garden To Bed In Late Summer

Snow does not fall in my back yard. The last time it snowed, and hit the ground and remained, was probably 1960. So the seasons do not put our gardens to bed. Instead, we do it ourselves. And, our dormant time, whether the vegetation knows it or not, is late summer. When the lavender is […]

A DIY Project For Really Lazy People With A Sense Of Humor Who Like Beauty

It’s hard for me to finish projects that involve working with my hands. Because, impatient. Because, bad small motor skills. But perseverance, humor, and community work miracles. Anyone remember the “I want gold leaf for Christmas” idea? No reason you should. How about “I am dreaming of fuchsias?” Oh how the stars align. Here we have a […]

When A Garden Surprises At Easter Time

I spent a good bit of last week’s blog break standing in my yard, not always in the grip of awe and wonder. I waxed pragmatic – planted some things, pulled other things out of the ground, snipped errant branches, watered. And was surprised, as I am every year at this time, by a brief […]

A Couple Of Dumb Lessons From My California Winter Garden

Gardens are such obvious teachers we might wave our hands in dismissal. “Oh,” with an additional shake of the head, “We knew that already!” But in these days of information and calculation, dumb lessons dog us. Imagine a California garden in winter, for example. Palm trees, surfers and tropical flowers may come to mind. Nope. […]

The Kind Of Garden Just About Anyone Can Grow

Of all my retirement projects, my container garden may provide the most small and bubbling happinesses. I started it back in July, from seed. I planted Grandpa Ott morning glories, sweet alyssum, purple basil, and delphiniums. If you are hypothesizing that this led to an all-purple extravaganza, you are quite right. But it took time. […]

Flowers, Or Perhaps We Should Say “Florals,” In The House

Today is Flowers In The House day. Jane, at Small But Charming, is a florist, and today she and her buddies post photos of their arrangements. A wonderful way to start the week. I like to participate when I can, but it’s also Annual Nothing Blooms In Northern California Day, and I have only the […]

Happy 4th Of July!

I love the 4th of July. My patriotism unfurls, no politics in sight. So let’s hear it for the red. The white. and the blue. If you like fireworks, I hope you find great blooms of them close to hand.

In Which Unexpected Helpers Volunteer

Right about now, we could all use an unexpected helper. This coleus, in situ on my front porch since September, has appreciated neither winter nor lack of water. However, you will also see above that Yellow Ranunculus has entered, cape flying. Returning, unexpected, left over from a planting last spring. Happy Thanksgiving everyone, and special […]

How Suburban Prisoners Do Fashion Week

It’s Labor Day in the United States. But it’s also Fashion Week. I change the flowers on my front porch, for holidays. This year it seemed more appropriate to plant for color combinations than the sweat of my brow. I’ve been haunted by aubergine and pale blue for a while now. Just enough offset for […]

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