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Guest Post: My Father Speaks About Neckties

Today we are honored by the presence of Professor C. My father. When I explained that you all had asked to hear from him, he was slightly puzzled. His first response being, “Your style is so…” But I explained that he didn’t need to natter on as I do. We talked, with my sister, about […]

Patterns, Prints, And General Pickiness

What kind of prints do High WASPs wear? Prints, mind you. We aren’t talking seersucker, madras, gingham, or plaids, which should be woven into the fabric. Funny you should ask. I thought about this for a long time. For the most part, prints make us nervous. By definition, prints have something going on. Which might […]

LPC On Christmas Presents for Les Dernier Moments at A Femme D’Un Certain Age

Good morning everyone. Today I am at A Femme D’Un Certain Age, along with Deja Pseu and Lily Lemontree. Exalted company, to be sure. We give you our thoughts on last minute presents for Christmas. Please join us there. S’il vous plait. I’m attempting to dredge up my vanishing French because A Femme lives in […]

Do You Fit High WASP Male Style Archetypes?

If High WASP women have Grandes Dames, Sturdy Gals, and Artsy Cousins as style archetypes, who then are their male counterparts? Let me pull these from unconscious memory, dinner the other night, and the works of Tom Wolfe, Richard Ford, and John Updike. Not a rational process. First, and most commonly understood, is the Master […]

What Do High WASPs Really Think About Mr. Ralph Lauren?

Ralph Lauren + High WASPs by High WASP featuring Ralph Lauren So how DO High WASPs feel about Ralph Lauren, anyway? Lisa was good enough to write me and ask my opinion. Do you feel that Ralph has cheapened things for you? Things that were inalienable rights that are now marketed to the masses that […]

The Beauty of Feckless Prep School Youth. A High WASP Style Archetype.

High WASP Feckless Prep School Youth by High WASP featuring Ted Baker accessories Feckless is a Scottish word. Many meanings. One of them is irresponsible. That’s what I’m after. Irresponsible as only those who don’t yet know how fortunate they are can be. The prep school boy is perhaps the best known of all High […]

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