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Looking Out To Sea, Or, Saturday Morning at 9:32am

Transcendence stayed home. When planning to take my mom to the sea I was driven by an image. Something to do with a horizon. Me and Mom. She sits in her wheelchair or stands with my help, the wind blows her silver and gold hair against those big sunglasses. Me, standing with her, bent over to put my face next […]

Can I Wear Navy And Black Together? Yes, And Even For Holiday Parties

Today, Sue of Une Femme and I are giving you our take on black and navy, unappreciated color combination that it is, and dressing up for the holidays. While navy and black may not give you the punch of, say, red and green, or black and silver, for those of us who like our style […]

Channeling The Grande Dame For A Semi-Fancy Late Holiday Lunch

Last week my husband and I had our Thanksgiving at the Taj Campton Place Hotel restaurant. It’s small, elegant as San Francisco goes, and recently received a second Michelin star. We reserved for late lunch/early dinner at 3pm, in San Francisco, The City Of Jeans. What to wear? Not a dress. Mine are all evening, […]

A High WASP Glorious Fourth, From Coast To Coast

One of the things I have learned from this blog is how Northern Californian I have become. I am beginning to suspect we few High WASPs who journeyed West just can’t help but trend Artsy. I could discourse at length on High WASP geographical variants. A long time ago I posted on High WASPs in the People’s Republic of […]

The Original Sturdy Gal Turns 80, Or, Saturday Morning at 10:03

We rolled straight from a lovely, small, simple Thanksgiving into a birthday party for the original, iconic Sturdy Gal. My mother’s younger sister turns 80 this year, and her 3 sons and their wives organized a surprise dinner for her with 65 guests. It was just wonderful. My aunt was toasted and honored, for her […]

What’s A Summer Sale For, Or, That Thing You Didn’t Know You Needed

Summer sales, to my way of thinking, are for finding that one thing you didn’t know you needed. We’re heading into July and in most parts of the USA it’s only going to get hotter. Pieces you’ve relied on are going to give up the ghost. Something new is something crisp. If I weren’t spending […]

Shop Like A Grande Dame, On A Moyenne Dame Budget

Even Reggie Darling admits, if one wants to shop like a Grande Dame, it helps to be an heiress. All right then. How about those of us who work for a living? What of those who want a few Dame-esque pieces, but aren’t the sort to gussy up day in day out? I took a […]

The East Coast Grande Dame, Reggie Darling Style (TM)

In 1960, my father left the East Coast and moved his very young family to Northern California. This meant that I grew up, despite my High WASP heritage, in a world of furze and tie dye. Our family followed the High WASP code of conduct, but we believed it to be our own private, unvoiced […]

An Object Of Desire – The Fisherman’s Sweater

Those of you who follow my Pinterest wanderings may have noted a certain “It” item. Early in the year I began to hear a chant of desire, as one does for these things, “Fisherman’s sweater, fisherman’s sweater, fisherman’s sweater.” A little odd, but apparently I was not alone. Gwyneth has spoken. Via Pinterest and Daily […]

“Game Of Thrones” Meets “2 Broke Girls,” Or, Saturday Morning at 8:34am

I have a new TV show for you. It’s called Orange Is The New Black, a story of women in prison, and you can find it streaming on Netflix. A composite sentence you never expected to read? The show is neither comedy nor soul-searing drama. It’s just a story, based on the memoirs of a woman […]

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