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Exploring Boundaries, Both Artsy And Of Age

Few of us adhere purely to one way of dressing. We’ve all taken multiple directions, from tried and true outfits, to the adventurous, to the best of breed. In my High WASP world, Style Archetypes limit the discoverable area. If this was as Sturdy (Sturdy is kissing cousin to prep) as I get without wearing […]

Do You Embrace Your Heritage Style?

I might have titled this post, As Preppy As I’m Ever Going To Get. We’ve all got some sort of heritage style. Maybe your Grandma had grand panache? Maybe your great-aunt refused to stop wearing hairnets? True story, that one. Pause to reflect and honor the past. In my case, the heritage is straight-up New […]

Dressing Well Without Chanel: Missive 2

Progress has been made, in my campaign to dress well in a semi-retirement/working from home mode. Khakis form a key component of the strategy, as do white shirts. But not just any khakis, and not just any white shirts. You are always quite kind in your requests for more photos. Perhaps to help you deconstruct […]

You Can’t Go Home Again, Or, From Polos To Faux Leather

The family house, 1940 something until late 1990s I was surprised by the guests’ attire at my uncle’s service. To be sure, no one wore anything inappropriate. I was surprised, simply, by my memories and resultant expectations. The event was held at the Hyannis Yacht Club, 3-5pm. No program, only drinks, food, and conversation. I […]

Do Sturdy Gals Have “Tomboy Style?”

Credited on Tomboy Style as “Photo of Vassar students playing touch football in front of Chicago Hall (1960s) via Vassar College’s flickr archive, found thanks to Mariah at Quite Continental.” I just discovered a blog, Tomboy Style.  Lizzie Garrett Mettler, a freelance writer and contributor to the Los Angeles Time, chronicles women who dress in […]

How To Dress Like An Artsy Cousin, Genus Californian And Texania

Of the High WASP Style Archetypes, Artsy Cousins vary most from region to region. Which makes sense, since Artsy Cousins prioritize individual and aesthetic expression. When Flo spoke up recently, we heard from an East Coast Minimalist Artsy Cousin. On the other hand, here’s a Northern California version I’d assembled before Flo sent me her […]

The Privilege Style Icon

It may sound like a platitude, to say my mother is my style icon. I can’t help it. There she is, hatbox in hand. It’s 1949, and my mother is 17 years old. She had taken a boat to Hawaii, with a friend whose family had lived there for generations. This picture was taken at […]

The Classic Evening Low Heel, With A Teeny, Tiny, Twist

One of the Privilege[d] readers alerted me to this shoe. She says she stood in it, for THREE HOURS, at a Colonial Dames event. I especially appreciate a touch of Roger Vivier squared-toe, to scare off the dowdy spirits. It’s an absolute classic. Can go conservative, with a long taffeta skirt, or black silk trousers. […]

In Which We Discover That High WASPs Approach Perfume The Same Way They Approach Life. Intoxicated.

It turns out, oddly enough, that High WASPs take the same approach to perfume as they do to life. I know, I know, it sounds preposterous. Hear me out, if you would be so kind. 1. We mean well. Which sometimes drags on to the edge of politeness. But eventually we honor our commitments. A […]

A Brief List Of Some Very Good Looking Products

Somewhere my sisters are laughing. “Good looking” is my mother’s phrase. Mom’s got great taste, and if I could abstract out her theories I would. Would probably make millions. But for today, rather than talking about the how of good looking, let’s focus on the what. Sometimes, in style, you have to start with the […]

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