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When Children’s Rooms Grow Up

You guys up for another game of Give Lisa Your Opinions On Color? It was so much fun with the front door, let’s play for my “studio!” Yes, as part of my house interior update, my son’s room is becoming a “studio.” I use the quotation marks because I have not yet earned the right […]

Which Shelter Magazine Are You?

Having come very recently to the idea that we design interiors, they do not accrete themselves, I’ve been researching shelter magazines and sites. If we can use the term “research” for browsing images, pinning, yelping “Oh that’s horrible,” browsing, yelping, muttering “Maybe this one is OK,” and pinning some more. I grokked fashion mags. (Remember […]

When Paint Color Saves You From Bossy Tile

In the course of our house fixup, on our way to the big bangs (master bedroom, front door, and culling 27 years of kids’ stuff so there’s space for my new Albert & Dash rug) I’ve stumbled upon a couple of nice small improvements. The first, which I’ve shown you, was the laundry room. The […]

Urban Archeology To Decorate A Personal History

In just 17 days, for an as-yet-unknown sum, you could take ownership of an iron gate. Not just any iron gate, mind you. A work of whimsy and commitment. Starting bid? $35,000. Estimated to go for $70,000-$90,000. Not overpriced, in my opinion. Where’s this being sold?  Guernsey’s Urban Archeology auction.  And my goodness, look at […]

Some Small And Manageable Changes To A Small But Multi-Use Laundry Room

Although we began our ongoing interior fix-up with the master bedroom, that’s paused because, no kidding, our new bed arrived and we’re keeping the old one until my daughter is ready to take possession. It’s bedtastic round here, with not even room enough to roll out the new rug. I’m oddly untroubled. We moved on […]

Modernizing And “Eclecticizing” A Pottery Barn Living Room

I just might be making slow progress in the world of interiors. I bought an end table that didn’t match my Pottery Barn sofa. How did it happen? We – happily – needed enough space in the living room for 4 adults to sit comfortably. A while back, I ordered a matching Pottery Barn loveseat. […]

The 2 Key Questions To Ask In Articulating Your Style: Clothing, House, Or Garden

Now that I’m writing about 3 areas of style – fashion, house, and garden – I notice a couple of commonalities. Seems to me in articulating style, of any sort, we need to ask ourselves 2 primary questions. What must our style do for our physical selves? What effect do we want to create, and […]

An Actual Room Of One’s Own, Or, Saturday Morning at 9:32am

I visited my mom this week. On the way to Santa Barbara, I stopped in the totally surprisingly adorable town of Los Olivos, to have lunch with Margy of Fool For Fabric. What a gift. You know when the universe offers you a token of future possible? Margy is older than I am. She’s been […]

Design With Courage, A Review Of “Simplicity” By Nancy Braithwaite

As I have said before, interior design scares me. What to wear? No problem. What to plant? Lots of suggestions. How to furnish a house? Yikes. I’ll come right out and admit that ever since I decided to update my house I’ve been dithering – bedroom furniture, front doors, cushion colors for my living room […]

Merry Christmas, 2014

From the front door that still doesn’t know what red it wants to be, but is quite holly jolly, even so. Share on Facebook Tweet!