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The Hunt For An Organic, Visually Interesting, Subtle, “Am I Asking Too Much?” Bedroom Rug

And on to master bedroom decorating. Fixup. Whatever we’re calling it. Decorating sounds like embellishment, while this is more Moving Beyond Camping In My Own House. However, one word is always better than six, so decorating it will be. I’ve got 3 major purchases to make, bed, mattress and rug. The rest – bedding, fabrics […]

Gallivanting Through Brooklyn, Manhattan, The Hudson River Valley, And Short Hills, New Jersey

(Reminder, Professor C., James Joyce, and The Dead on Thursday)   I’ve been gallivanting. First to Brooklyn and Manhattan to visit my son and others, then up to the Hudson River Valley for the extreme pleasure of staying at Reggie and Boy Darling‘s house, then down to New Jersey to see my best friend. It […]

What On Earth Do You Do With Those Crystal Wedding Presents?

How many of us have a distant cabinet for crystal? Or if not crystal, glass objects from which one does not drink? How many of us ever take said unused objects out of said cabinet? If you, as I do, answer, “Rarely,” here’s a thought. Liberate a piece or two and look at them in […]

15 Existential First Steps To Redoing Your House

As I delve into what we might call, “Conscious House Decor,” I believe I find myself in the same situation as some of you re: clothing. Let’s see. Does this sound familiar? The Privilege[d] 15 Steps To Redoing Your House Decor [It's Kind Of Like Building A Wardrobe] Take a look at your house (closet) […]

Flowers In The House, Lace Cap Hydrangea Edition

It’s Monday, these are flowers, so it must be time for Flowers In The House! In Northern California, we’ve moved to hydrangea season, accompanied by Thank You Very Much For A Second Bloom white roses. And a few stalks of lavender. Here, in a red carpet closeup. And here, on the table, where they waited […]

Welcoming Houses And Gardens To The Party, Or, Saturday Morning at 7:44am

  Well hello everyone. Coming up on 3 weeks before our blue dry summer’s longest day, it’s my favorite time of year in Northern California. Kind of the Thursday night of seasons – full bacchanalia in sight, but just far enough away that you can pull your enjoyment forward now and feel it twice. You […]

Daydreaming Spaces

I used to daydream about ballgowns. My house was just a place to live. But these days I find myself more often imagining spaces – albeit probably as fantastical as silver lace and parures. For now, Significant Husband and I retain both our places, one in San Francisco, one down on the Peninsula. I confess, […]

6 Ways To Win A Sturdy Gal’s Valentine Heart

Cue brief spate of curmudgeonly grumbling. Valentine’s Day, like Christmas at its nadir, has a bad habit of turning substandard stuff into “gifts.” I mean, if you didn’t want the bouquet of blackening roses and baby’s breath on February 13th, you probably don’t want it on the 14th either. So say Sturdy Gals. However, give […]

Get Ready For The Holidays, Decorate Your Table First

American Thanksgiving is on the way, Christmas and other winter holidays not far behind. I say that in a very benign tone of voice, no cause for alarm. The commercial forces of the world want us to focus on presents and decorations but all I can think is, time to start feeding people. I was […]

“Reggie Darling” And “Darlington House” In June’s Architectural Digest

Don’t read this post. Seriously. Instead, stop by your bookstore, or newsstand if those are still to be found, and acquire the June edition of Architectural Digest. You will not regret it. Should you already be a subscriber, pick your copy up off the coffee table and open its lambent and ink-scented pages. If you […]