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When Children’s Rooms Grow Up

You guys up for another game of Give Lisa Your Opinions On Color? It was so much fun with the front door, let’s play for my “studio!” Yes, as part of my house interior update, my son’s room is becoming a “studio.” I use the quotation marks because I have not yet earned the right […]

Do Crows Make More Noise When It’s Hot, Or, Saturday Morning At 7:51am

“Do crows make more noise when it’s hot?” I Googled.  No clear answer. We’re having a heat wave in Northern California, which, given our usual deeply temperate climate, feels a little apocalyptic. If the Apocalypse comes in small doses that is. The crows are cawing late night and early morning. Jays are screaming, and fighting […]

How Does It Feel To Grow Up And Move Down In The World?

What does it feel like when your family fortune fades? I’ve thought about this since Duchesse asked. Whether I can sum up remains to be seen. Let us approach the subject with logic, even though it’s tricky and emotional. Or maybe because it’s tricky and emotional. Logically, we have to look first at what it […]

Trust, In Funds And Otherwise

I inherited my first slice of our fading family fortunes at 21. I remember sitting with my father in the sunroom. The rattan furniture was covered in a burnt orange, batik-ish fabric. I was reading a book, he his mail. Then he said something like, “Aha.” Or, “Well.” One of those exclamations that indicate a […]

The Day I Put My Inheritance In The Garage, Or, Saturday Morning at 9:52am

Today is April 16th. Many people filed their income taxes yesterday. Some people know that this year the official date has been extended to the 18th, so they are waiting until Monday. And others, I do not know how many, will file for their own extensions, and complete the process in August, or even October. […]

Those Fancy-Pants Clothes And Jewels One Wears To Lavish!

Key takeaway. We Baby Boomers are not so good at this all-photos-all-the-time Facebook culture. Case in point. I confess I picked the best photo. There are others, with the standard closed eyes and twisted mouth, here. Via Smilebooth I imagine a style blogger attending an industry conference feels a little bit like an astronaut, called […]

Well-Kept Secrets Of The French BCBG, Or, “Bon Chic, Bon Genre”

Today we have a gem of a guest post. Tish from A Femme d’Un Certain Age – known for her deft touch and affectionate voice – brings to life that rarefied species, the French “Bon chic, bon genre.”  or “BCBG.”  Tish’s dear friend, Jeanne-Aelia* of Through the French Eye of Design, introduces us to Grandpère, […]

Is There A High WASP Retailer In The 21st Century?

We may want to dress just like our mothers. Or we may want, for many reasons, to avoid our culture of origin, seeing it as baggage. No belting leather lined with watered silk, either. In my experience, however, cultural avoidance is a waste of time. We don’t have to fully embrace our backgrounds, if we […]

High WASP = Money

flickr Was I High WASP with my children about money? In how much I had? In my attitude towards it? In what I tried to teach them? My first reaction is to say no, simply because I haven’t had the quantities that I grew up with. But I think that’s wrong. I had money. Enough […]

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