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Advice From My Mom On How To Write A Wedding Invitation Dress Code

If what to wear to a wedding is one of the most asked questions of social dressing, what can you, the bride, or you, the bride’s mother, do to help find an answer? Let us consider. As in any analysis, one most understand the first principle. And the first principle of etiquette is to make […]

Email Invitations Take The Next Step Toward Good Manners

**Note – I’m not responding to comments any more today because Blogger keeps eating what I write:(. See you tomorrow. This long weekend my family celebrated 3 events. Dinner with my brother and his fiancee, the first time we siblings have seen the pair since their engagement. Fourth of July. Beloved Big Nephew’s 10th birthday. […]

High WASP Entertaining, Online Invitations Finale

I’m not alone in this online invitations wave. Just the other day even Abby at Style Me Pretty (on her way to challenging Martha, no?) posted a digital save the date. Offbeat Bride has another one here. These are video. You see, in the case of video, the tool set is already in the hands […]

High WASP Entertaining, If Online Invitations Were Perfect

Just imagine if online invitations were layered, interactive, beautiful, evocative. (Given that I am not a visual designer, the imagination part is key.) Imagine that there are designers out there and you love their stuff. That part’s not hard. For example, Erin at inkOBSESSIONdesigns. I think her graphics are adorable. This birdie, for one.My personal […]

Online Invitations Continued, Pingg Gets Closer

In the inexorable march towards premium online invitations, pingg takes huge steps. Oh I am sorry. Can’t you tell I’ve done marketing writing for a living from time to time? Anyway, I want to show you that much of what we don’t like about Evite is in fact being solved. Meet Above is their […]

High WASP Entertaining, Yes, The Online Invitation Is The Way Of The Future

The online invitation is the way of the future. There. I’ve said it. But, we aren’t there yet. The state of online invitations is currently defined by Evite. To the point where people use the word “Evite” to mean online invitation. Like Kleenex meaning tissue stored in a box to blow your nose with. People […]

High WASP Entertaining, The Invitation

High WASPs love to entertain. We particularly like dinner parties. They get us all festive and chipper and prepared to throw caution to the wind. If you are a close friend we might call you up Saturday and say, “So, are we on for Sunday dinner as usual?” But for large affairs, or events marking […]

Ironic Wedding Invitations

MBM asked me a very good question. What is an ironic wedding invitation? Well, in the world of High WASPs, emotions are a very tricky thing. One must have them, after all, being human. But one must not carry on about them. So classic wedding invitations have to say, “Here I am. I am an […]

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