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Winner Of The Valentine’s Day Garnet Heart

Thank you all so much for your stories. From loving fathers, to geeky couples, to longed-for babies, to mothers who remembered, they warmed my (appropriately) heart. Susan D., in Dallas, you’ve won this giveaway. Congratulations! Please email me your mailing address and the rose gold and garnets are yours. And I promise we’ll have more […]

A Valentine’s Day Present For You From Blue Nile

This post is presented in collaboration with Blue Nile Although my culture of origin tends towards the bland, or occasionally astringent, we do carry a sweet spot well hidden in our hearts. Witness, for example, our love for dogs. Or, in my case, a distinct fondness for heart-shaped jewelry. Not as heart-warming, but there you […]

Blue Nile’s Annual Diamond Ring Event — 15% Off — For Weddings Or Just Your Regular Fingers

This post presented in collaboration with Blue Nile Quick note. Blue Nile is holding their annual diamond ring sale, 15% off quite a few. Use code RING2016 at the checkout. You can think of these as wedding rings, of course, but they also work for regular fingers. I noted this, pretty in white gold milgrain […]

Colored Jewels — Layered In Meaning And Occasionally Sale-Priced

This post is presented in collaboration with Blue Nile. What is it about colored stones? They hint at meaning behind surfaces. I confess to very strong feelings about their settings and design. My first engagement ring was a round blue sapphire set with a pear-shaped diamond on either side. A decade and half later I […]

Blue Nile Adds Diamond Studs In Several Sizes To Their Secret Sale

Hey guys, Blue Nile has added some diamond studs to their secret sale. I like mine either small, like this 1/4 carat total weight pair, or not small, like these. 1 carat total weight. Platinum Again the sale’s 40% off with code SECRETSALE. That’s not nothing. It means the 1/4 carat pair are yours, or […]

Blue Nile Is Having A Secret Sale

This post is presented in collaboration with Blue Nile Blue Nile is having a “secret sale” on a few select pieces. Secret, as in it’s not navigable via their site, you have to use this link, here, and use the code SECRETSALE. The sale is significant because it’s 40% off. Which means you could get […]

Making Designers’ Silver Bracelets Your Own

This post and giveaway are presented in collaboration with Blue Nile. Extreme Casual Style benefits from good jewelry. One might even argue that good jewelry allows Extreme Casual to speak Style at all. My particular approach involves earrings, and due to a metal sensitivity, gold ones in particular. But you have all sorts of options. […]

Can You Make A Statement With Small, Precious Jewelry?

This post is presented in collaboration with Blue Nile The world has embraced statement costume jewelry. It’s big, if you’ll pardon the pun. Women over 50 are often particularly told to put aside their small pieces. But what if you prefer your statements sotto voce and your jewelry precious? And, what, we ask, if you […]

Blue Nile For Back To School — Be It Undergraduate, Graduate, Or “School Of Life”

This post and giveaway are presented in collaboration with Blue Nile Most back-to-school efforts focus on grade-school supplies — pens, notebooks, backpacks — or college dorm furnishings. But the first day of graduate school can feel momentous too, a new job even more so. What might we give, to mark these occasions? I’d be inclined […]

Dressing Up Extreme Casual With A Not-So-Casual Pearl Bracelet

This post is sponsored by The Pearl Source. Thanks guys! It is time for Privilege to give away a few pearls. As I said, back when, I own more than my fair share; earrings, a necklace, a pin. But in setting up this giveaway, I took my cue from pearls that got away, the 3-strand […]