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Blue Nile’s 18th Anniversary Sale Is On

Blue Nile is offering 20% off some customer favorites, with code 18YEARS. It must be their 18th anniversary, good job guys! This discount is not nothing when it comes to a quite beautiful “garland” infinity ring originally priced at $4000+. And subtracts a couple hundred dollars off fancy basics like a diamond solitaire pendant. Just in case […]

A Few Really Pretty Pieces Of Jewelry For You Or A Dear One

Every now and again I feel we need a pretty jewelry post. For bonus ooh-ing and ah-ing. My sweet spot is small precious metal pieces that manage, by intelligent use of what we might call “jewelry white space” and good design, to act bigger than they are. And sometimes cost less than you expect. This pearl […]

And For Your Friday Amusement, Special Blue Nile Discounts Just For Privilege Readers

The week is winding down. Or done. You’re at your desk, hearing the sound of the customer service people gathering for an in-office happy hour. You’re 30 years older than all of them. You’ll go, it’s what leaders do, but you take a moment to clear your mind with retail recreation. Or the week is […]

Are Birthstones Only For The Birthday Girl? And Is Your Birth Stone The Only One You Get With Meaning?

After all the posts about my birthday, you guys deserve a present. When Blue Nile got in touch with me about another giveaway recently, I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I confess, Part One involved something for me. As you may know, I rely on chandelier earrings to elevate my Extreme Casual. As […]

Winner Of The Blue Nile Diamond Necklace Giveaway

Claire H! Congratulations! Your first Mother’s Day, congratulations on that too! Please send me an email at skyepeale (@) yahoo (dot) com with your mailing address, and I will put it in the post to you tout de suite. I loved the comments. You are all such stylish women, it’s a pleasure to envision your […]

A Mother’s Day Memento (Don’t You Kind Of Want To Spell It “Momento?”) In The Making

On Mother’s Day, I’ve always given my mom either flowers or jewelry. That is, once I started giving her presents – we didn’t celebrate when I was young. She still loves flowers and jewelry. On the other hand, maybe a meal together would be better this year. Cupcakes. As I’ve said before, while I don’t […]

How To Choose Earrings For Jeans’ Styles

High WASPs (n.b. California regional variant) dress for balance. We love the cautious subjunctive;  it’s all about the IF statements (and the semi-colon). IF you are wearing navy you want to complement it with something bright. IF your shoes sparkle something else must be matte. IF your pants are tight your top must be loose. […]

Winner Of The Valentine’s Day Garnet Heart

Thank you all so much for your stories. From loving fathers, to geeky couples, to longed-for babies, to mothers who remembered, they warmed my (appropriately) heart. Susan D., in Dallas, you’ve won this giveaway. Congratulations! Please email me your mailing address and the rose gold and garnets are yours. And I promise we’ll have more […]

A Valentine’s Day Present For You From Blue Nile

This post is presented in collaboration with Blue Nile Although my culture of origin tends towards the bland, or occasionally astringent, we do carry a sweet spot well hidden in our hearts. Witness, for example, our love for dogs. Or, in my case, a distinct fondness for heart-shaped jewelry. Not as heart-warming, but there you […]

Blue Nile’s Annual Diamond Ring Event — 15% Off — For Weddings Or Just Your Regular Fingers

This post presented in collaboration with Blue Nile Quick note. Blue Nile is holding their annual diamond ring sale, 15% off quite a few. Use code RING2016 at the checkout. You can think of these as wedding rings, of course, but they also work for regular fingers. I noted this, pretty in white gold milgrain […]

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