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The Rough, The Raw, The Rustic Of Diamonds

If pearls can be brutal, surely, surely, diamonds can be rough. Of course they can, and it’s quite the thing these days. The same gem that balloons to 10 carats, perched on the fingers of celebrity bride-to-bes, also shows up quite shaggy, here and there. You can find raw diamonds. These earrings are by Melissa [...]

When Statement Jewelry Says, “Shhhh!”

Quiet dressers have had a rough couple of years. Beset by ubiquitous pops of color, huge bags, inches of platform soles, and bling, (the term “bling” says it all), we are apt to run off in a swivet and hide under the sartorial table in despair. Even whimper a tad. One must reclaim style one [...]

What Earrings Does One Wear With A Hello Kitty Necklace?

High WASPs have always been a bit afeared of semi-precious stones. Amethysts were OK, set in faded 10K gold. And nice, big aquamarines, emerald-cut of course, have decorated our fingers and ears from time to time. But I have to confess that watching Jewelry TV feels a little p*rnographic for me. Whenever they say Spessartite [...]

What Is An “Arm Party?”

If you follow the fashion press, you may recently have come across the term, “arm parties.”  Coined, as it turns out, by the Man Repeller. And if you haven’t read her ridiculously funny and brilliant blog, you might as well take a look. But arm parties are making their way beyond fashion insiders to us [...]

Jewelry To Wear When You Are Almost There

Let’s talk jewelry. Why? Because it’s sparkly, and pretty, and fun to wear? Well, yes, but there’s more to the story. Let’s talk jewelry at work. As usual, I’m talking conservative work environments, in law, finance, or technology, where you can change the effect of a black suit and white shirt simply by switching out, [...]

What To Wear, And What Not To Wear, At A Farm Wedding

25 or 30 years I ago I attended a wedding on a New Jersey farm. The land had been in the bride’s family for generations, and was replete with corn fields and hay bales. The groom was the brother of a man I hoped anxiously to marry. He would eventually propose, and I would accept, [...]

Pearls For A Sixteenth Birthday

Some of you are curious about giving or receiving pearls for a 16th birthday. Let’s answer your questions, even those you did not know you asked. Which pearls to give, or request, for a 16th birthday? Ah, tell me first what you want them to mean. We could solve a simple equation, as in, since [...]

A Couple Of Ways To Wear Estate Jewelry For Your Wedding

My brother gets married next month. True to High WASP form, he gave his fiancée a family ring when they got engaged. In fact, the Burning Man wedding reference is true to form in its own way, but that’s neither here nor there. My brother also has a diamond and sapphire brooch in his possession,  [...]

How To Squeeze Value Out Of An Expensive Dress

As I have said, my brother’s getting married this spring. The event promises to be creative, given that my brother and his fiance are both therapists, and both involved in the Burning Man community, whereas the venue is old-style San Francisco,  Very happy events, family weddings, and often occasion for new clothes. Except the fading [...]

5 Accessories I Don’t Leave Home Without

Sophie, at les anti-modernes, tagged me for 5 key accessories. Sturdy Gals aren’t big on accessories unless they are useful. These days I live a pared down life. If I go out for a walk, I bring my iPhone. In a pink case so I can see the dang thing in my purse. I can’t [...]