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The Beladora Mother’s Day Sale Is On!

May 11th is Mother’s Day in America this year. That’s a Sunday. A week and a half away, just in case anyone out there has a mother. Or is a mother, or would like to be a mother, or believes in mothers in a general way. But enough hinting. Beladora has lowered its already What […]

What Would You Wear To The Oscars, If Nominated?

What would you wear, if you were nominated for an Oscar? Important to remember that if you were nominated, it’d mean you were a talented actor. I would hope that recognized talent brings confidence. It certainly would, if I were the boss of the world. So you’d want to look good, but also reflect yourself, […]


Although we are lucky to have more than one Jan commenting on this blog, today the random number came up for the specific Jan who wrote this comment, My only diamond pendant came from a bracelet that my late mother had reworked into my pendant and earrings for my sister and sister-in-law. I get special […]

Blue Nile Moves On Beyond Diamonds, To Infinity

Guess who wants to give you a present? Is it Santa? A Tomten? An errant elf who looks uncannily like Will Farrell? No. Blue Nile, the preeminent online diamond jeweler in the United States. Long known for what we might call their diamond-ring configurator. I confess to having played with it, day-dreaming of engagement rings. […]

3 Ways To Accessorize For A Summer Wedding

Which accessories work best, when you’re attending a summer wedding? This isn’t one of those posts where I tell you the answer. I’m looking to you all for direction, impunity be danged. And, in return for your thoughts, Dressed USA will be giving one reader a shift of their choice. We thank them in advance. […]

The Style Archetypes Reflect On Mother’s Day Jewels

Beladora asked if I’d write a post on Mother’s Day presents for the Style Archetypes. Although I had just written about Beladora jewelry, I do love a straightforward request, so much easier to negotiate than veiled asks or polite threats. Besides, the Style Archetypes clamored at my window late one night to say, “Do it!” […]

Shouldn’t Your “Something Blue” Be Sparkly?

It’s wedding season. Brides around the USA, following tradition, may be exploring blue fol-de-rol. The journey may culminate in a blue garter, it’s OK to be cheesy in wedding-land. But perhaps  you are considering blue sparkle instead? Congratulations! Beladora has launched their new website. I’ve been a blogfriend of the CEO for ages, have even […]

Building A Precious Jewelry Collection From Scratch

Imagine you are just starting out in adult life. Or it’s time for a sea change – shifting style, resetting priorities. But imagine, either way, you want to build a jewelry collection from scratch, and that you have complicated your existence by preferring, strongly, the precious. You may even be allergic to silver, nickle and […]

If You Wear Spring Clothes, Will The Warm Weather Come?

I have returned from Spring Break. Which, unfortunately involved tax preparation and weed assessment rather than sun, shore, or seaside.  But I’m ready for sun. Ready for trips South, or inland, or to the water, to dry winter out of my consciousness. One of the things I always enjoy about warm travel is giving up […]

Reader’s Choice: “Raw Diamonds”

Barbara, who has been commenting here for several years as “BarbaraG,” wrote in to recommend a 2012 post on raw diamonds. Since it’s a fairly recent piece, and therefore perhaps already seen by a number of you, the least I could do was include right on this here page yet another raw choice. An exuberant […]