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Regrouping And Reconnecting In Napa Valley

Sunday morning I realized I had completely forgotten to publish anything the day before. That’s the first time I’ve skipped a Saturday post, unaware. Why? A family gathering! Last weekend many of us went back up to the spot now re-branded as the Carneros Resort and Spa. My husband and I had been several times […]

Do You Guys Have Any Secret Conveniences To Share?

The young year is good not only for taking the pulse of stalled projects, but also for filing off the edges of inconveniences. Optimizing, in other words, something process people are good at but project people have to treat like, um, a project. Over time, I had created an Amazon list I called “Conveniences.” This […]

Why I Still Call This Blog “Privilege,” Or, Saturday Morning at 9:07am

When I listed my daughter’s ballet shoes on eBay, I was reminded that my user name in many parts of the Internet is Amid Privilege. You know how that happened. I started this blog as a way to explore and articulate my as-yet-unnamed family culture, to integrate it with my blurt-it-all out, notice-every-iota, feel-all-the-feels temperament. […]

How Do 50+ Women Become Visible?

Do we become invisible, we women past 50? And if so, can we reappear? A reader emailed me to say she and her her friend had been discussing invisibility, and suggested I write something. OK then. It’s been on my mind for a while. A couple of years back, I was shopping with my daughter. […]

Another Day Another Dollar, Or, Saturday Morning at 7:37am

The boy child has a job. Well, to be precise, my 21-year old son has accepted an offer. The job will begin a few weeks after he graduates in June of 2012. To be sentimental, nostalgic, and even surprised, my chubby toddler grew up and became someone who will show up every week in an […]

Dressing Well Without Chanel: Missive 2

Progress has been made, in my campaign to dress well in a semi-retirement/working from home mode. Khakis form a key component of the strategy, as do white shirts. But not just any khakis, and not just any white shirts. You are always quite kind in your requests for more photos. Perhaps to help you deconstruct […]

LPC is at Trust Your Style

Today I am at Trust Your Style for Mary Jo Matsumoto’s Eye on Style feature. You all know Mary Jo from her refined couture line, reviewed previously here. You may also have seen the inimitable Tabitha of Bourbon and Pearls on last week’s Eye on Style. I am there discussing, um, style, in the outfit […]

When Things Become Wonderful, Or, Saturday Morning at 9:15am

And some mornings you wake up to find that a friend has pitched in. Today, Mater of Materfamilias Writes has a Saturday morning post up. A lovely piece of writing about our day in the city, with that customary Mater tone humming throughout. I suppose it’s the sound of grace. I will refrain from the […]

What To Do Now Because Doing It At 50 Will Be Hard

Sit down. Stand up. Sit down. Stand up. Silently. Don’t say “Ugh!” or “Umph.” or “Oh…” Hurry. Walk fast and talk at the same time. Cook three courses while drinking a glass of wine. Decide that grad school was a bad idea. Ask someone a question. Remember the answer 10 minutes later. *Or sing Thriller […]

Juicy. No Couture. (Homage to Mouse on the formatting)

I am 52. It doesn’t seem possible some days. But when I look in the mirror closely (which of course at this point has to be a magnifying mirror but one can wax nostalgic even so), I see my blood coming to the surface. All over my body I see my veins coming to the […]

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