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What Do I Read? Funny, Midlife, Moms

Continuing the hunt for blogroll optimization, here is the next section of my Reader, decipherable if you squint. I think. Funny (I have a “Funny” category but it doesn’t fit in the screen shot)Many blogs are funny but this category is for what might be called concept blogs, i.e. I don’t care who writes them, […]

I May Need Help

I went shopping yesterday. For clothing. This is an unusual happening. I haven’t shopped for clothes in ages except my sortie to Target, which was really more for existential dislocation than purchase. And I haven’t shopped for clothes that weren’t work clothes in centuries. But I went out for drinks with some of my colleagues […]

Celebrity Dressing For 52-Year Old Women?

Even though I have to die some day, I like to spend my life on highly trivial activities. For example. Looking at celebrities in dress up clothes. When I was little, my mother would give us all her old nightgowns and bathrobes, which were really I suppose peignoirs, and we kept them in a hamper […]

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