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Estate Sale In Santa Barbara This Weekend, And Then A Large House With A Beautiful View To Rent

If you like estate sales, and live close to or in Santa Barbara, the estate sale for the furnishings of my mom’s house is being held this weekend, July 9-10. I use the passive voice, against my writerly preferences, because it’s accurate. We are not holding the sale ourselves, we the children. We’ve hired a […]

A Different Kind Of Adult Coloring, Without A Book

I just got back from a few days in Santa Barbara. The trips are very full and tiring, 5 hour drive down (I’m afraid of airplanes, small ones in particular), 2 days helping tend to someone in stage 5-6 Alzheimer’s, 5 hour drive back. So, a short post. On one of my previous trips, I […]

Interior Surfaces At Mom’s House ( At No O’Clock)

I spent Tuesday and Wednesday nights at my mother’s house. Thank you all for your response to last Saturday’s post. I’m working my way through the replies, it does take longer than usual. I thought I might show you a few more photos from Mom’s house. These are interior surfaces. Upholstery in a guest room. […]

A Few More Shots Of My Mother’s House, Santa Barbara Casual Elegance Meets Swedish Folk Empire

A couple of you have referred to my mom’s house lately, and Leslie, the blogger at Hostess of the Humble Bungalow, asked for more photos, so I snapped a few when I last visited. I’ve already showed you the living room, the guest house, a silver spoon, and the portrait of the 3 oldest kids […]

Silver Spoons, Or, Saturday Morning at 10:35am

My mother is recovering from surgery. It’s important that she consumes no alcohol, so at 5pm one evening I made her a drink with Pellegrino, fresh squeezed Meyer lemon from her tree, sugar, and mint sprigs. What the French probably call citron pressé avec gaz, and the Vietnamese restaurants in San Francisco sell as fresh […]

Reader’s Choice: “New England High WASP, Meets Swedish Empire, Meets Santa Barbara Semi-Tropics”

Susan wrote me to suggest this post from the archives. Thank you Susan. It’s my mother’s house, in Santa Barbara. You will read references to chaos. My stepfather had returned early from the hospital after emergency heart surgery and I had driven down to help out. As we do in my culture when faced with […]

Happy Almost Birthday Mom!

On Thursday, Thanksgiving, my daughter, my son, my sister and brother-in-law and their daughter, my brother and sister-in-law, cooked all day. Then we ate. The 9-year old led us all in a round of Gangnam Style rug-cutting. The next morning, we got up and drove en mass to Santa Barbara for my mother’s 80th birthday […]

Chualar Of The Spirit, Or, Saturday Morning at 9:35am

As I left work last night, released with the souls of Friday, I got a text that said, simply, “Chualarrrrrrr!” Why on earth? There’s good reason. Chualar is a little town located along Highway 101, between the San Francisco Bay Area and Santa Barbara. My sister ‘s family drove down to see my mother in […]

A Review Of The Bacara Resort Near Santa Barbara

I spent last weekend in Santa Barbara, visiting my mother and meeting up with my sisters and their families. If all the nieces and nephews stay in separate bedrooms, my sisters get better nights’ sleep. So I checked into the nearby Bacara Resort for a few nights. And was quite pleasantly surprised. The Bacara website […]

In Which We Learn The True Story About Softball With The Kennedys

Recently, I told a story about my mother playing softball with the Kennedy family in Hyannisport, Massachusetts. The other day she called me to set me straight. As my mother remembers, there were two groups of young people on that part of the Cape, in the early 50’s. My mother hung with the crowd that […]

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