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If Only Leprechauns Could Calculate Taxes, Or, Saturday Morning at 10:02am

Today, while some roust out St. Patrick’s Day finery, and leprechauns, others face a devil’s chore. It’s income tax time in the United States. I do not resist taxes, in principle. The only good response to inherited privilege is a gracious paying of one’s dues. But I downright despise the process of getting a check […]

LPC is at Trust Your Style

Today I am at Trust Your Style for Mary Jo Matsumoto’s Eye on Style feature. You all know Mary Jo from her refined couture line, reviewed previously here. You may also have seen the inimitable Tabitha of Bourbon and Pearls on last week’s Eye on Style. I am there discussing, um, style, in the outfit […]

Trust, In Funds And Otherwise

I inherited my first slice of our fading family fortunes at 21. I remember sitting with my father in the sunroom. The rattan furniture was covered in a burnt orange, batik-ish fabric. I was reading a book, he his mail. Then he said something like, “Aha.” Or, “Well.” One of those exclamations that indicate a […]

What To Do With Distress, Or, Saturday Morning at 10:45am

Privilege is a tricky concept. I revel in something we might call, “first privilege.” You know, the phenomenon by which we get to be born, to sleep, to love, and wake up every morning until we die? Most days I get out of bed thinking, “Yes! Time to do it again!” No denying sorrow, or […]

High = Money, Final Installment

A Beach Rose commented, on one of my previous posts about money, I do not have access to my “education fund” (not 21 yet), and I honestly could not even give you a ballpark sum. I have no idea what will be available to me when the time comes. The adults around here positively refuse […]

Another Point Of View From A Very Wise Person

The other day Meg, she-who-is-wise-beyond-her-years, commented on my post about family and money. “Hum. That’s funny. My High Wasp family lost all their money (which is a bit more traditional, I have to say, and you know how we feel about traditions). As a result, our lessons about money were the opposite, but of course […]

High WASP = Money

flickr Was I High WASP with my children about money? In how much I had? In my attitude towards it? In what I tried to teach them? My first reaction is to say no, simply because I haven’t had the quantities that I grew up with. But I think that’s wrong. I had money. Enough […]

Wouldn’t You Rather Be A Big Baby Sometimes?

My employer has currently, as I have said, misplaced my job. This may change. Still, as of now, I am not working. This is unusual. I have worked at a paying job most of my post-undergraduate life. After college until business school in various entry level jobs, after business school for a Fortune 250 chemical […]

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