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Blue Berries Is Come The Stars, Or, Saturday Morning at 9:04am

I continue to volunteer in a local first grade classroom, twice a week. I am surprised by how much is expected of the children, and by the good will with which they attempt to comply. I’m there to help with literacy. What that means exactly has evolved over the year. There are 23 kids in […]

Can A Mother And Her Daughter Wear The Same Sequined Skirt?

You already know the answer to the headlined question. Back in 2012 I bought a sequined skirt at All Saints. I wore it to the office holiday party with a black cotton button-front shirt, black Louboutins (these days you might prefer the pointy-toed version), dark red nails, gold bangles, and a family diamond-embellished cuff (I […]

Who Is Feeling Autumnal? Or, Saturday Morning at 8:20am

Feeling autumnal? Wait, what does that term even mean? In California, a cooler sun, a hope of rain. More brown than green, more red than pink, no yellow in sight. We use “autumnal” to talk about our lives, too, right? We can feel autumnal, even in the bright sun. Particularly as we age. Here’s what […]

Get Out Get Going Have A Birthday, Or, Saturday Morning at 7:08am

This week my daughter turned 29. Hoo boy. She also came home, as all her friends are getting married this summer, some of  them in Northern California. On her birthday itself, we went hiking. In Huddart Park, in case you are familiar with the Bay Area. She, as always, since birth even, a glorious creature. […]

Silk Flowers Turn Out To Be OK, Or, Saturday Morning at 9:26am

So, Mom. You all know it’s Mother’s Day tomorrow, here in the USA. So, Mom. I am by no means the world’s best daughter. Never was. But this is my time to make sure the deal’s even. That Mom is repaid for all the work she did and all the worry she felt trying to […]

A Mother’s Day Memento (Don’t You Kind Of Want To Spell It “Momento?”) In The Making

On Mother’s Day, I’ve always given my mom either flowers or jewelry. That is, once I started giving her presents – we didn’t celebrate when I was young. She still loves flowers and jewelry. On the other hand, maybe a meal together would be better this year. Cupcakes. As I’ve said before, while I don’t […]

It’s Just Water, Or, Saturday Morning at 8:57am

We finally got a few days of old-school rain. Large drops, audible splashing. Made me think about water all over everywhere. I am not sure why suddenly a thing of nature, inextricable from our living, part of everything, separated itself and said “Think.” But there you have it. Think of puddles. Raindrops. Lakes. I have […]

The Christmas Tightrope Of Obligation And Desire, Or, Saturday Morning at 9:04am

I was thinking about Christmas, which, for those of us who celebrate, is imminent. (Not immanent. By correctness shall ye know I’m in High WASP mode albeit recovering.) There’s this photograph, perhaps the only one we have of my family-of-origin Christmases, but certainly the only one that’s been framed and kept. My littlest sister, all […]

Garb For An Almost Doctor, Or, Saturday Morning at 11:59am

And today I am in Southern California, visiting my daughter, my husband holding down the fort back home. This morning we went through her closet, discarding and giving away the worn out or unused. Then we analyzed wardrobe gaps. Turns out some doctors-in-training prefer flat shoes just like their mothers do. This afternoon we shop […]

8 + 8 Presents For My Children, Past And, Well, Present

I have been extravagant with my children over the years. Not when they were little — few electronics, no cashmere hoodies. I did once try to dress my daughter in a beautiful silk shortall from Dad’s family, but that lasted all of 7 minutes. And there was no point giving either kid big expensive toys. […]

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