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Garb For An Almost Doctor, Or, Saturday Morning at 11:59am

And today I am in Southern California, visiting my daughter, my husband holding down the fort back home. This morning we went through her closet, discarding and giving away the worn out or unused. Then we analyzed wardrobe gaps. Turns out some doctors-in-training prefer flat shoes just like their mothers do. This afternoon we shop […]

8 + 8 Presents For My Children, Past And, Well, Present

I have been extravagant with my children over the years. Not when they were little — few electronics, no cashmere hoodies. I did once try to dress my daughter in a beautiful silk shortall from Dad’s family, but that lasted all of 7 minutes. And there was no point giving either kid big expensive toys. […]

Cake On Faces, Or, Saturday Morning at 7:50am

I’m off to a birthday party for two-year old twins. I hope there will be balloons, and cake on faces, and lots of little people bumping around at knee-level. I hope parents sit on blankets on the lawn, chatting in relief and pride. I hope nobody cries too long or too hard. Although if a […]

All Kinds Of Tears, Or, Saturday Morning at 9:11am

Yesterday I cried a lot. First, the Supreme Court of the United States of America decided that gay marriage was legal all over the country. This is an issue near and dear to my heart. Imagine the old couples, marrying finally in their 70s. Getting to make that commitment and open statement of love before their […]

A Mother’s Day Retrospective, Or, Saturday Morning at 7:51am

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day in the USA. Anne Lamott says she hates Mother’s Day, can’t say I agree with her. But there’s room for all kinds of opinions, and if I don’t like what I hear, I can close my laptop. Here’s what I do feel about Mother’s Day, or have, in years past.  I […]

The Boy Child Turns 25

  My son turns 25 today. I feel far too much love and pride to express in one blog post. Happy birthday honey. Much love, Mom.

No Balls In The House, Or, Saturday Morning at 8:27am

My best friend was in town this week. We truly met when our second children (my last, her second of five) were not much more than a year old. We’d encountered each other a year prior, when I walked past her house on my way to the park, but I’d been too startled and standoffish […]

How To Fall In Love With Anyone, Or, Saturday Morning at 9:11am

This is a list of questions to make you fall in love. Sit with your partner, or friend, or even a stranger, both of you asking and answering. At the end you stare into each other’s eyes for 4 whole minutes. These 36 questions can make you fall in love with anyone I thought the […]

Thanks And Favorites, Or, Saturday Morning at 10:34am

About that Thanksgiving menu. The Diestel heritage turkey, delicious. A meat thermometer is critical, however, as it cooked much faster than advised. Gravy from roux (half pan drippings, half butter, plus flour) and giblet stock, with chopped turkey liver? Do pour in the glass of wine that the Diestel site recommends. Tasted just like mom […]

Mothering: The Romance Novel, Or, Saturday Morning at 10:52am

I’ve been talking to some mothers recently. I called my own. Such an odd experience, talking to a woman who is losing her memory but retaining everything else. The voice and the expressions haven’t changed. “Hello darling!” she says. She knows she misses me, but she doesn’t remember when she saw me last. She rarely […]

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