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Winner Of The Teri Jon Lace Dress, And A Thank You

We have a winner. Emerald! She wrote: “I’m entering for my mom. She has NEVER worn a fancy long dress, and with my wedding coming up in August, this would be such a thrill for her. At all fancy events she has worn knee length dresses, including at her wedding and every other person’s wedding […]

Rain, Brains, And Matthew McConaughey, Or Saturday Morning at 8:21am

In the past couple of days I have: almost left an earring at an airport ExpressSpa, run through SFO to retrieve it, attended with my daughter a class on seizures, reviewed radiographic images of a human brain suffering from pork parasites – also with my daughter, seen Dallas Buyer’s Club in the theater (terrible writing, […]

Found Galleries, Or, Saturday Morning at 9:10am

I’m not sure when, exactly, I began to check the weather where my children live. When they were in college I would read their school paper online. Who among us does not? And for a while after graduation my daughter lived in New Jersey, so the Daily Princetonian still covered them both. I guess it […]

Rain, Narrative, Baptism, Or, Saturday Morning at 8:34am

Some facts, and a little associated speculation. It’s finally raining in the Bay Area. Maybe we’ll be able to take showers this summer. Personal hygiene aside, for the fires and the farmers, this is crucial. Perhaps those Polar Vortices will now free the rest of the country? I’ve only got 1.5 episodes of Breaking Bad […]

In Which We Salute Mohawk Guy, Or, Saturday Morning at 9:39am

For anyone wondering what I was talking about in last night’s post, let me explain. Sturdy Gals can’t keep secrets. On Thursday I was emailed by a PR rep to say that Sodastream was going to hold a real-time, videostreamed, press conference on Friday,  announcing their new celebrity spokesperson. She indicated that if I were […]

The Best Reason To Retire Is Christmas, Or, Saturday Morning at 9:41am

Here’s how I’m staying sane at Christmas. Made my peace with last-minute-ness. The deadline is Christmas morning, is it not? If you complete non-family jobs in advance of a deadline you miss critical trends. Shouldn’t the same apply to holidays? Called my sisters. Oh, my brother has kept me sane on many occasions, but it’s […]

The Sacred Floor Of Babies, Or, Saturday Morning at 8:31am

Baby nephew, not to mention his parents and doting grandfather, are coming over for a casual lunch today. So casual that we’re just going to pick up Chinese food, (albeit of the authentic sort) and put it on the table with plate, forks, napkins. I suppose I will put out the chopsticks too, and maybe […]

Now Playing: Grown Daughter, Or, Saturday Morning at 9:55am

My daughter is sitting right next to me, typing quickly. She’s wearing flannel pajama bottoms, I’m wearing flannel pajama bottoms, there the resemblance ends. How I gave birth to someone who can memorize anatomical systems, who speaks about “my cadaver,” well, let’s just say that becoming human is a mysterious process. I get such comfort […]

Settling Into Care, Or, Saturday Morning At 10:08am

Both my children moved recently. My daughter out to Southern California for medical school, and my son to a non-hip region of Brooklyn, for his first solo apartment. At one point during the last couple of weeks, I had a brief thought fragment. You know what I mean by fragment, right? Not a complete sentence, […]

A PrescriptIon For A New Student Wardrobe

As I’ve mentioned before, my daughter will soon start medical school in Southern California. She graduated from college in 2009, and has been working for a medical equipment company ever since. At a desk, I should add, not in a lab or production facility. As a result, she’s got a good set of work clothes, […]