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What Would The Founding Fathers Think Of DOMA?

We, the people, hold these truths to be self evident. First truth. Last week, as many of you know, the Supreme Court of the United States overruled the Defense of Marriage Act. Outlawing gay marriage at the federal level has been found unconstitutional. Second truth. Today is the Fourth of July, America’s national holiday. Finally, [...]

Baby Nights, Or, Saturday Morning at 10:05am

Good morning everyone. I took care of my nephew from 10pm to 7am last night. Well my goodness. All you new moms, I salute you. That’s the little guy above. Don’t worry, he’s well supervised. Turns out that’s his new slumber position of choice. I’m not questioning. Oh how interrupted nights tortured me as a [...]

The Style Archetypes Reflect On Mother’s Day Jewels

Beladora asked if I’d write a post on Mother’s Day presents for the Style Archetypes. Although I had just written about Beladora jewelry, I do love a straightforward request, so much easier to negotiate than veiled asks or polite threats. Besides, the Style Archetypes clamored at my window late one night to say, “Do it!” [...]

My Son Turns 23, Or, Saturday Morning at 8:06am

Today my son is 23. When your children are born, and young, you aren’t quite sure what’s going to stick. Is this their personality or a phase? I think it’s best to avoid attributing personality for a long time, to give room for their own selves to show up. You, as the adult, don’t want [...]

The Various Meanings Of Rock, Or, Saturday Morning at 9:01am

I just finished¬†Elizabeth Strout’s first novel, Amy and Isabelle, Strout also wrote Olive Kitteridge, which won the Pulitzer in 2009. Amy and Isabelle concerns a mother and a daughter. I recommend it highly. Here’s a passage from the final pages. (I will tell you in advance that the book is, in the end, hopeful. These [...]

Paving Over, Or, Saturday Morning at 9:01am

I love working in the city. People walking on sidewalks, glimpses of sky between buildings, so many odd conversations. One morning I listened to a hard-hatted construction worker and a toothless street man discuss the local Audi dealership, as they separately drank their coffee at a donut joint. But if I can’t spend my weekend [...]

The Privilege Of Power, Or, Saturday Morning at 9:39am

Well good morning everyone. Had an offsite work happy hour last night. As I got ready to exit our offices, someone asked one of the guys on my team, “Are you going?” “Oh,” he said, in a good-humored and deliberately over-hearable tone, “I’m just waiting for my boss to leave.” I said at the same [...]

A Welcome Interruption

Today was planned as a post about leather jackets. Or perhaps “5 Trends To Try Now.” But I draft the blog posts on Sunday, and this particular Sunday guess what happened? Welcome Mr. B! My brother and sister-in-law brought this little one into the world. You may remember their wedding, in May of 2011? The [...]

How To Spend Your Annual Bonus, Or, Saturday Morning at 8:34am

The annual bonus. At some point, either you or your partner may find yourselves so rewarded at the end of the year. I still remember my first time. I was at Sun Microsystems, in 1998. Those were the days when dollars dropped from the sky, as the company furnished the server underpinnings of the Internet. [...]

Colored Lights, Or, Saturday Morning at 10:11am

This year I’ve got an artificial tree, covered in colored lights and rainbow balls. Not my tradition; Significant Other’s. I got the tree at Walgreen’s, and carried it on the bus back to our city digs. An act of love, plain but not simple. I am so happy to have found someone I care for [...]