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A Sturdy Gal Faces The Occasionally Scary Reality Of Updos

Various hair ornaments from my collection You will be happy to know I am not wearing Scrunchies to work. Their elastic selves call to me, but I turn my head, resolute. You might be surprised to hear, however, that Scrunchies may be the best solution to the pressing question, “What should I do with my […]

LPC Is At “Rock The Silver” Today

Today I’m over at Rock The Silver, with an update on going gray. Since I know that this topic elicits strong feelings, let me say that I have no desire to proselytize. To each her own, with hair particularly. Mine just happens to be increasingly silver. If you have the time and inclination, find the […]

The Story Of My Daughter’s Graduation

Tuesday I woke up early. I lay in bed. I knew that if personal beauty were my first priority I ought to wash my hair. And then blow it dry. But I hate blow drying my hair because it makes my arms hurt to hold them up over my head for that long. I decided […]

Feeding Cheerios To Your Goblins. Or Grape-Nuts.

I have not found that wisdom comes as a large and musical gift from the universe. Knowledge is in fact rarely revelatory. I find that wisdom, such as we might find it, is more like learning how to stock your kitchen cabinets. How many light bulbs of what wattage to have as backup? What size […]

Old Lady Hair

I know I said it was old lady hands that made me wince at my own mortality. But at least my hands still do what I want them to do. It’s my old lady hair that I need to speak to. Very, very strictly. When I was young I had blonde hair that hung down […]

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