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Building Attractive, With Helpful Intent

In comments on my post about attractive vs. pretty, several readers asked for a series about Building Attractive. Here goes, with the caveat that this will rely on personal opinion, hypotheses and confessions, as true as I can make them . How to build Attractive? I wish I could dive right on in to clothes […]

Because Summer Dresses Are A Universal Right

When I posted, here, about patterns for our plus-size High WASP contingent, some readers wrote in to point out I’d neglected to offer any pieces for the apple-shaped. “Well, that’s no good,”  I thought. Next, I remembered that I’d reached out to Cathy at Austin Slave to Fashion for plus size ideas. She gave me […]

Summer Patterns For The Plus Size High WASP

Summer is a time for release. Freed from school, left work a little early on a Friday afternoon, the kids eating pizza outside in the cul-de-sac. A second glass of wine. Feeling, if only for the doctor-ordered quick 20 minutes, the sun on your skin in the late morning. Summer is also time to bust […]

Can A Plus Size Woman Dress High WASP?

If finding clothes to support a High WASP style can be difficult for all of us, it is even more frustrating for those in plus sizes. High WASP clothing style is characterized by respect for the social context, clean lines, classic proportions, high quality materials, and subtle, original details. Plus size fashion? Not so much. […]

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