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The “Marry Ivy” Mom Sure Knows How To Ruin Valentine’s Day, Or, Saturday Morning at 8:13am

A sad state of affairs. It’s Valentine’s Day, 2015, and the most egregious advice on sex and marriage out there has co-branded an institution I love. No, I’m not referring to Mr. Kinsey and his club, or even Dr. Ruth and her empire, rather, to Susan Patton as the “P*ton Mom.” I’m eliding the university […]

Tarting Up A ’78 35th Reunion Jacket

Some people customize their clothing with great good taste. If that’s what you’re in the mood for this fine Tuesday morning, please take a look at what Duchesse did to her vintage fur. Fabulous. If however you’ve a mind for a little tarting, here’s what I did to my Princeton Reunions jacket. What started out […]

A Short And Very Personal History At Princeton

It’s graduation time around the United States. If you have a new graduate in your family, or will become one yourself soon, congratulations! As backdrop for the festivities, here’s a small set of posts I’ve written over the past few years about my alma mater. 1. As a young freshman in 1974. Where Did You […]

The Princeton Classes of ’78, ’09, and 2012 Salute You

Taken Saturday morning before the P-rade. It. Was. Glorious. Congratulations to graduates, and their parents and siblings, everywhere.

When Your 34th Reunion Is Way Better Than Your 25th, Or, Saturday Morning at 7:01am EDT

Today I shall don a horrible costume, sweat through rain-threatening heat, and suffer crowds in the thousands. Mostly, I”ll love it. Princeton Reunions weekend is upon us. Although I graduated 34 years ago, to date I had only attended my 25th. I had a wonderful time, but would have been satisfied with said visit alone. […]

Guest Post: Reggie of "Reggie Darling" On His Yale 25th Reunion

Today we have the honor, and privilege, of a guest post from Reggie Darling. Reggie writes one of my favorite blogs on design and hospitality, providing tips on how to be a gracious host, a well-behaved guest, as well an absolutely fabulous array of inspirational home design photos. He and Boy Fenwick, his husband, scour […]

Saturday Morning at 4:48am

It’s 4:48am in California. But I’m in New Jersey. Where it’s 7:48am. None of the usual tea and toast. In my daughter’s first apartment. Listening to the sounds of a New Jersey morning. It’s louder here. And I don’t mean manmade noise. There are crickets and cicadas creaking away. At least I’m going to say […]

Saturday Morning at 7:47am

Last week there was a thunderstorm in Princeton late at night. My son IM’d me about it. Son: mom there’s an amazing thunderstorm here.Me: cool (it’s always good not to use too many words)Son: the thunder is almost on top of the lighteningMe: wow (see above)Son: oh it almost sounds like something rippingMe: can be […]

Saturday Morning at 6:38am

Luckily for us moms there are now many socially sanctioned ways to spy on our adult and almost-adult children. At least to spy in their vicinity. If they have a job, the corporate website is a great way to feel like you’re in the next cubicle. If in school, there’s always the old college paper. […]

Tag, 10 Previously Unknown Things

Muffy Martini tagged* me the other day. Muffy is, to my way of thinking, a slightly offbeat preppy blogger. Which to my way of thinking, is a compliment. She likes ostriches, goes to rock concerts, and laughs really loudly on her blog. She may have trademarked HAHAHAHAHA! 10 previously unknown things about myself. OK. Of […]

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