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High WASP Entertaining, The Themed Party

Costume parties, scavenger hunts, holiday parties, you name it. High WASPs like parties with themes. When I was at Princeton, my sophomore year I lived with 3 roommates in a 4th floor quad at the top of many, many stairs. A gray stone dormitory. With turrets. At Christmas, we decided to give a party. We […]

The Story Of My Daughter’s Graduation

Tuesday I woke up early. I lay in bed. I knew that if personal beauty were my first priority I ought to wash my hair. And then blow it dry. But I hate blow drying my hair because it makes my arms hurt to hold them up over my head for that long. I decided […]

Class of 2009

I am back in California where the sky is blue and the clouds are high and white and somewhere someone is mowing their lawn. My daughter has graduated from Princeton. My son is down the hall calling me to see his photos of Belgium and Paris and my best friend’s family. My daughter comes home […]

Katie Couric. Who Knew?

We heard Katie Couric speak yesterday at Class Day. She is now an honorary member of the Princeton Class of 2009. I had no idea who she is. I mean, I knew the name. But I don’t watch morning television. Or the evening news, for that matter. So I had no idea about the woman […]

Where Did You Go To School, Part 2

I was still 17 when I went to college. I was not a prodigy. My birthday is just in late September. I flew across the country by myself. Parents were less intent in 1974. I stayed with my elderly cousins. They drove me to campus in an old station wagon with wood side panels. We […]

Where Did You Go To School? Part 1

Photo of the Princeton Tiger, sitting in the square now surrounded by J. Crew, Banana Republic, and their ilk…. While, were you me, you would not ask, “Where did YOU go to school? (somehow you just know not to ask because, you see, you might embarrass someone) you will certainly say at some point, “Where […]

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