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The Long Awaited Return Of Professor C. In Which We Discuss James Joyce And John Huston’s The Dead.

My very distinguished father, Professor C., on The Dead as written by James Joyce, and then written again and filmed by John Huston and his son, Tony. If you find you would like more of these pieces, please look to the sidebar and click on “Professor C.” Thanks Dad, for all sorts of things. “The […]

Professor C. Muses On “The Wings of the Dove, ” Novel and Film

Professor C. continues his seminar series, in this case with Henry James,and “The Wings of the Dove.” Reading back through all my father’s posts here, (click on “(Professor C. in the Topics sidebar) I think I find threads about language, reading now vs. then, and the changing choices for identity as society has loosened over […]

Let England Entertain Us, Or, Saturday Morning at 8:18am

What is it about British story-telling that we so love? From high art to satinated (let’s pretend this means the patina of drawing room satins) soap operas, nothing entertains like dear old England. Especially the fancy – or posh, in the vernacular. To fully appreciate the top floor (and perhaps the original) American literary fascination […]

Style May Not Be Virtuous, But Is It Stupid?

Note that this is in response to, not in reply to, a couple of posts and comments around the blogosphere. Here for example, and here. By which I mean that nobody said style was stupid. But what they did say provoked my own internal dialogue, and that’s what you get here. Let me add that  […]

Professor C. Addresses “Washington Square” And “The Heiress”

Class convenes. Professor C. comes at last to Henry James. A natural fit, no? To all the new readers, welcome. Professor C. is my papa. Why didn’t Henry James include Washington Square in the great New York Edition of his works (1907-09), a massive project of choosing, commenting and revising that he looked on as […]

The Upcoming Return Of Professor C., Or, “Washington Square” Meets “The Heiress”

Next week, Professor C.’s web seminar series returns. For those of you new to the blog, my father was for many years a professor of English at a well-known Far West university. From time to time he obligingly ups the intellectual atmosphere around here, in a series of essays comparing novels and novellas to their […]

Professor C. Discusses E. M. Forster’s “A Passage to India”

Professor C. continues his seminar series, in this case with E.M. Forster, and “A Passage to India.” The work has particular meaning here, in light of my own 1982 trip. But beyond that, as Professor C. says, lie implications for Gay Pride this week in the USA. Belonging, love, power, and cultural dislocation have always […]

Professor C. Returns, Or, ETHAN FROME: Novella and Film

The third and final installment of Professor C.’s Wharton web seminar series. Next month, he is considering “A Passage to India,” by E.M. Forster. Seemed fitting. Ethan Frome is as cold as any book I know. I mean bone-chilling. It’s the same world as that of Wallace Stevens’s “Snow Man,” “spruces rough in the distant […]

Professor C. Discusses The House of Mirth, Also Flame Wars

As promised, the second in a series, “Professor C.’s Wharton Web Seminars.” In which we discover how literary criticism and flame wars intersect. Before watching the film of Edith Wharton’s “House of Mirth,” directed by Terence Davies, with Gillian Anderson as Lily Bart and Eric Stolz as Lawrence Selden, I stumbled on an internet war. […]

Guest Post From My Father, Or Professor C. Discusses The Age of Innocence: Wharton and Scorsese

When I posted about navy blue Oscar dresses, Ann asked me, quite politely, whether High WASPs should be discussing such silliness. And the answer is, “Of course not.” We are supposed to write about matters of intellect and refinement. Lucky for you all, my family knows when I need help. Herewith a post my from […]

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