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Blue Berries Is Come The Stars, Or, Saturday Morning at 9:04am

I continue to volunteer in a local first grade classroom, twice a week. I am surprised by how much is expected of the children, and by the good will with which they attempt to comply. I’m there to help with literacy. What that means exactly has evolved over the year. There are 23 kids in […]

Believe The Rain Or The Drought Or Both, Or, Saturday Morning at 7:48am

It’s raining. This has been a terribly difficult year, personally with my mom, in public given the election. And yet I’m optimistic. Not in the way of platitudes, the gloss in which civilized people excel. But optimistic when you  admit everything’s been awful. Awful with teeth. You face it and fight it and believe anyway. […]

How To Attend New York Fashion Week When You Don’t Have An Invitation Or Even Much Of A Clue

Dress: MaxMara | Shoes: Stuart Weitzman | Earrings: Blue Nile | Bag: Céline | Watch: Apple | Exceedingly rare curled hair: CONAIR I’ve always wanted to go to Fashion Week. Well, not always. It’s so hard to avoid hyperbole in this kleig-lit era. Let’s say I’ve wanted to attend ever since I started blogging, and […]

25 Things I Did On My Summer Vacation

Well hi everyone! Yes, that was a whole month off. Seems like nothing, right? Here’s what I did. Learned things. As it turns out, August is butterfly time in my neighborhood. Sighted, a Gulf Fritillary, Common Buckeye, Painted Lady, one possible Monarch, innumerable and varied Skippers. Also learned that planting milkweed does not guarantee Monarch […]

The Greatest Privilege, Or, Saturday Morning at 9:23am

I keep a manual to-do list. Today I look forward to rewriting it. Maybe that’s just foolish morning optimism, as often on waking I feel joy for no clear reason. But maybe it’s just been a difficult few months. When I’m neither overwhelmed nor enraged some part of me likes managing hard projects. The greatest […]

Into The Sky, Or, Saturday Morning at 6:34am

I have a long day ahead. But, it promises the long California sky so out I go into the blue. I’ve added Katura Designs’ Mother’s Day discount to yesterday’s post – river pearls and rough diamonds, that much closer. Have a wonderful weekend. Sustain each other as best you can.  

Muscles And Poetry, Poetry And Muscles, Or, Saturday Morning at 8:42am

I had a great yoga class yesterday. Which is by no means a veiled attempt to get you to start yogatating. I have learned over the years that while everyone ought to do some kind of physical activity, exactly what kind is right for whom one cannot know unless one is that whom. I made […]

The Lesser-Known Pleasant Feelings, Or, Saturday Morning at 10:12am

So I’m in yoga class the other day, we’re just getting started. Everyone’s seated on their mats, eyes closed, backs straight enough. “Now,” says the instructor, “Now imagine something that brings you joy. We are going to spend 3 minutes in that space, so that you can carry it through your practice.” Um, or, “Hells […]

Unhurried, Or, Saturday Morning at 9:18am

This year I made no resolutions. Oh, I quit my personal trainer in favor of yoga and walking, but that wasn’t a resolution. Just an action. Instead I chose a word for the year. Immediately I’m a little embarrassed, I mean, that is not a High WASP behavior. Where’s the delayed gratification in a word, […]

The Light Of A Thousand Lacunae, Or, Saturday Morning at 8:11am

I love those moments when time seems to clear a space. The sound of my furnace brings it on. The sky is still overcast in the morning, everything else is quiet. Doesn’t seem that I need to prepare, or clear away anything myself. A basket of laundry sits on the floor to my right, a […]

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