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The Lark Finds Mattress Help, Or, Saturday Morning at 8:55am

I am now and have always been a morning person. I love what happens when I wake. While I might not actually throw my covers off, jump out of bed, and bound across the floor, I could. The back of my mind hums happily,”Well isn’t THIS great!” In the morning everything seems possible. No, that’s [...]

In Which Resolutions Mean Doing Less, Or, Saturday Morning at 9:58am

Ah Saturday morning. The sounds of my washing machine. Neighbor children playing loudly on the other side of a backyard fence, and it’s only 8:18am. I remember those days of “Oh god, what will we do with them for the next 12 hours?” Sometimes the answer was, “Send them outside, and don’t let them back [...]

Silver Linings To Heartbreak, Or, Saturday Morning at 9:19am

I’ve been thinking this week about heartbreak. There’s a small epidemic in my online world. First, the Style blogger (I use the upper case because she has it in spades) Beverly Like Hills reports that her husband has asked for a divorce. Then one of east side bride’s readers wrote in to say her fianc√© [...]

Being Present In All Kinds Of Moments, Or, Saturday Morning at 10:49am

Every night, in the last hour or so before I go to bed, I look forward to breakfast. Whole grain La Brea toast, Justin’s Chocolate Almond Butter, Mighty Leaf Organic Breakfast tea, and Strauss Family 2% milk in a glass bottle. This anticipation is part of my weight maintenance strategy. Why eat late night to [...]

Decisions And Inspiration, Or, Saturday Morning at 10:07am

Today I will be revisiting my 30s and 40s. Or maybe simulating them is a better way to put it. The family’s coming over for dinner, and I’m cooking. I plan to spend time on the floor with not one but two babies. Seems apt, in a time where I’m sorting out the question of [...]

In Autumn Our Fancies Turn To, Um, Or, Saturday Morning At 8:58am

I was reading my social media yesterday, as one does, and was struck by the number of people calling the seasons. As Meg Fairfax Fielding said, “OMG!¬† It just turned into fall!” Australia on the other side, exhorts summer to get a firmer grip and hoist herself up over the warmed cliff. Here in California [...]


Well hello everyone! I’m very happy to be back. I hope you’ve all had a lovely summer and are anticipating a glorious fall. I’ve been happily stockpiling posts – of urban outfits, movies and literature from Professor C., rehearsal dinner dresses, earrings by Vicente Agor, a trip to Convict Lake, and all kinds of folderol. [...]

The Impact Of Theft On Trust, Or, Saturday Morning at 8:45am

Yesterday someone stole my wallet. I am not sure when or where it happened, exactly. My company had an offsite after-work event, and I noticed the loss after I had parked in a garage near the venue. Annoyed, I first assumed I’d left it behind in my office. I walked to the event, borrowed $10 [...]

A Welcome Interruption

Today was planned as a post about leather jackets. Or perhaps “5 Trends To Try Now.” But I draft the blog posts on Sunday, and this particular Sunday guess what happened? Welcome Mr. B! My brother and sister-in-law brought this little one into the world. You may remember their wedding, in May of 2011? The [...]

Small And Large Snow Stories, Or, Saturday Morning at 10:59am

It snowed in New York City last night. And in many other cities across the Eastern Seaboard of the United States. But I have personal memories of New York snow storms, so they matter with a capital “M.” That’s how we work, we humans. I have never forgotten my business school statistics professor teachings; people [...]