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Life As A Midlife Spy, Or, Saturday Morning at 8:24am

We are often encouraged to stay calm, and carry on. Serenity now, and all that. But every once in a while, let’s applaud adventure. Yesterday I walked around San Francisco. Nothing happened really, and everything did. Cities are like multiple tiny explosions, each person you pass, each red light that turns green, each glimpse of sky from behind […]

The Serenity Of Flowering Dogwood

3-2-1, cue month of online fawning over peonies. I always want to boycott. I cast no aspersions on preferences – peonies just seem too blowsy, too easy for me and my somewhat astringent tastes. Ah, give me dogwood any day. Give me flowers that appear to float on water. Give me random numbers made chlorophyll. […]

No Balls In The House, Or, Saturday Morning at 8:27am

My best friend was in town this week. We truly met when our second children (my last, her second of five) were not much more than a year old. We’d encountered each other a year prior, when I walked past her house on my way to the park, but I’d been too startled and standoffish […]

The Point Of You When There Is No To Do, Or, Saturday Morning at 7:54am

I often think life should be lived backwards. I’m not thinking of Youth is Wasted on the Young, or Everyone Should Get a Divorce Before They Get Married, although both those ideas can be true. No, I’m starting to wonder whether everyone should retire before they start their career. One morning during my quarterly Privilege […]

Why I Still Call This Blog “Privilege,” Or, Saturday Morning at 9:07am

When I listed my daughter’s ballet shoes on eBay, I was reminded that my user name in many parts of the Internet is Amid Privilege. You know how that happened. I started this blog as a way to explore and articulate my as-yet-unnamed family culture, to integrate it with my blurt-it-all out, notice-every-iota, feel-all-the-feels temperament. […]

When Last We Spoke, Or, Saturday Morning at 9:05am

Since last we spoke… Oh, wait, where are my manners? How are you? Did you have good holidays, if you were celebrating? Did you get way more done at work than the rest of us, if you were not? And Happy New Year again to all. OK then. I am as full of ideas about […]

A Couple Of Dumb Lessons From My California Winter Garden

Gardens are such obvious teachers we might wave our hands in dismissal. “Oh,” with an additional shake of the head, “We knew that already!” But in these days of information and calculation, dumb lessons dog us. Imagine a California garden in winter, for example. Palm trees, surfers and tropical flowers may come to mind. Nope. […]

Talismans, Pentagrams, Longitudes, Latitudes

Do you find that odd little things can make your history clearer all at once? Last week I read Tana French’s latest mystery, The Secret Place. I love her stuff. This takes place at an exclusive girl’s school outside of Dublin, and derives no small part of its color from the magical rites of teenagers. […]

Retiring To Your Self, Or, Saturday Morning at 10:12am

  This week, Materfamilias blogged about reaching the decision to retire.  I use the term “reaching” advisedly, because these big life decisions often sneak up on us, like the proverbial bend in a mountain road. One minute you’re trudging along, eye on uneven terrain, the next, vistas. It’s been a little over a year now […]

For The Troubled, Or, Saturday Morning at 8:22am

It’s been a tough couple of weeks for the world. So, with apologies to Twitter pals, who’ve seen these before, I thought I’d post links to two surprisingly nice pieces. The first is on Medium, written by a software engineer, of all people. It’s about politeness. Authentic politeness, the kind more closely related to graciousness […]