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Invisible Smoke, Or, Saturday Morning at 9:29am

It’s a full 80 minutes drive from my house to the southernmost tip of fires now burning in the Wine Country. And yet yesterday morning I woke up with a nose bleed. Today again. Our air smells of smoke, is full of tiny invisible particulate, and alternates between Unhealthy and Unhealthy for Select Groups on the Air […]

Can I Wear Navy And Black Together? Yes, And Even For Holiday Parties

Today, Sue of Une Femme and I are giving you our take on black and navy, unappreciated color combination that it is, and dressing up for the holidays. While navy and black may not give you the punch of, say, red and green, or black and silver, for those of us who like our style […]

The Joys Of A Northern California Winter, Or, Saturday Morning at 8:32am

It’s raining. This is good. I’m not sure how many of you know Northern California’s weather patterns. The general opinion is that California has no seasons. This is more true in Southern California, but still false over all. We do have seasons. Registered best by the sensitive. Let’s start with June. This is when full […]

The Joy Of Local Boutiques, And A San Francisco Designer

I found my standalone top. Or, shall we say, a standalone top. Now that I’ve found one I realize I may need a few more. So useful for a life lived in jeans, when no jacket is required but one has too much midlife stomach to set free upon an unsuspecting world. What’s more, it’s […]

What Makes An "Extraordinary" Piece Of Clothing Extraordinary? It’s Personal.

Do you ever see a piece of clothing and know, on the spot, that you want it badly? And if so, do you buy or pass it by? And either way, how do you feel afterwards? I was in San Francisco on Saturday, walking down Sutter Street, when I spied a store full of shirts. […]

Why I Didn’t Buy The Gorgeous Chanel Jacket

I read, on the blog Rock the Silver, a post distinguishing between Hunter and Gatherer shoppers. Hunting means searching for a certain item, with focus. Gathering, means, well, gathering. Whatever you happen to find. How about you? I find that some things I hunt, other things I gather. Take, for example, shopping and hair days. […]

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