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If You Give A Style Sort Some Black Boots She’s Going To Want The Brown Ones Too

The other night we went out to dinner at Boulevard, a San Francisco institution. I wanted to get fancy, although it’s never required here, so I wore my Prada dress. Also black Isabel Marant Dickers, black Wolford tights, Blue Nile earrings, and this MaxMara camel coat. As I looked in the mirror, I realized I’d […]

Bootvana For A Rainy City

Do you know what drought does to a shoe collection? Encourages a preponderance of suede. And shoes perforated all which ways. So we’d been having a little rain in Northern California and I needed boots to wear in the city. Boots without perforations. Boots that repel water. Boots that do not bring to mind mucking […]

More Options For The Midlife Midriff, Date Night California Style

Last weekend we took my father and stepmother out to dinner at a local restaurant. I couldn’t quite figure out what to wear because my blue shoes were in San Francisco. As will happen. Rummaging through my closet I found this pink linen tunic, from UNIQLO, and threw it on over a pair of 7 […]

Fashion Logos, The Good, The Bad, And The Downright Ugly

I apologize to any upon the toes of whom I am about to step. Were I still writing as a High WASP I’d assume tones of disapproving authority. But let’s talk like regular people. OK. I just hate Michael Kors’s logos. And yet I’ve come to appreciate the shenanigans of Louis Vuitton, and occasionally Chanel. […]

New Shoes For Summer From The Shopbop Sale

While the inimitable “Une Femme” and I have collaborated, intentionally, on a couple of posts, this morning’s alignment is serendipitous. She’s thinking mules, I’m thinking sandals. Shopbop’s having a sale, spend $250+ save 15%, spend $500+ save 20%, spend $1000+ save 25%, with code: BIGEVENT16. Good for most items on the site, Canada Goose, Hanky […]

What Do You Wear To A Family Christmas?

Iona asked, in these comments, what do people wear for family Christmas? I believe in to each their own at home. All about the ugly sweaters? Have at it. Fair isles and kilts? Good look, of type. But that’s not what you’d see at Carnochan Christmas. We’re neither casual casual in jeans, nor fancy fancy […]

Your Work Clothes May Have Some Fun In Retirement

I used to wear a long white Splendid blouse over black bootleg cords. I used to wear pencil skirts with boots. I used to wear lavender, cadet blue, and dance oxfords together. To work. But this week I took that white blouse, a black pencil skirt and dance loafers out on a spontaneous little outing with my husband. I […]

A Pair Of Crocs For Every Doorstep

This is my front entry. Old school doormat from our local hardware store, basic Crocs. Minimalist, with a little earthy texture for good measure. And in fact, feng shui says that sandy yellow and black are good for my northeast facing front door. Bonus points! I like a heel band, and holes in the body for […]

Halting The Downward Slide

In retirement, I have found it’s very easy to slide down the appropriate clothing ladder. All the way to the bottom. Especially when days consist of early morning pajama-clad and sofa-based writing, interspersed with garden forays and the boy child’s old Outdoor Action shirts. When I have to leave the house, I can’t be arsed, as the British say, […]

La Garçonne 20% Off Current Sale Prices For President’s Day

Today is the last day of La Garçonne’s President’s Day Sale. Home of Tomboy Luxe, they’re giving us 20% off their already discounted sale, which means some items are now 60% off total. And there’s still good stuff available, with the code LGPD20. 20% off $772.00 will take your final price closer to $600. Invest […]

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