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Packing With Good Imagination And Imagining A Good Pack

I’m usually pretty good at packing. This trip to England, erm, well, um, spotty. I failed to use the Use Case Method to its best advantage. Specifically, I packed for special events like The Dinner With Friends and A Hike Through The Cotswolds, while neglecting the more common Long Walk Through London As Rain Threatens. […]

A Color Strategy That Even The Often Color-Avoidant Can Embrace

In retirement, or any situation where one can dress as casually as one wants, we want to avoid the schlump. In hyper-casual outfits, I’m not going to be experimenting with silhouette, or shoe height, or really anything. So what I want is a way to ensure that when I throw on any old thing, shorts, […]

An Object Of Desire: Metallic Sandals

As we settle into our personal style, we may be less likely to embrace dramatic fashion shifts. We might wear our drapey cardigans in a sea of structured jackets, march resolutely through the army of flared jeans in our straight-legs, and avoid entire genres of shoes altogether. I’m looking at you, wedge-sneakers. And don’t think […]

An Object Of Desire: The Pointy-Toed Flat

Have you noticed? Suddenly all toes triangulate. While some of us may be reluctant to move on from ballet slippers and almond-ended pumps, pointy-toes have their, um, good points. In particular, as All Skinny Jeans All The Time give way to multiple pants styles, the pointed shoe helps with our transition. Still in skinnies? Pointed […]

Picking Our Sartorial Jaws Up Off The Floor Of The Basketball Court

I think we’ve gone too far. Distressed jeans, OK. Premium sweatpants, well, if not for me then maybe someone.  But distressed sneakers? Evidently. Golden Goose “Francy” NYC sneakers, via Barneys, for $565. Expensive distressed sneakers. Will wonders never cease.

Naturalizer Shoes Thanks You For Your Support

As you may remember, I entered a style challenge. And then won. I’m still chuckling and shaking my head quickly side to to side. Next thing you know I’ll start with the folksy comments about pigs flying. But we’ve got shoes to give away here! Two of you will win a pair, from among the […]

Are “Retro” Sneakers Fashion For The Over-50?

See those shoes? Don’t those look like what we used to call sneakers? Guess what’s fashionable right now? Sneakers. The woman above, Jony van Stralen at Shout Out To You, looks insouciant and comfortable, in my eyes.  And given my foot problem – now formally diagnosed as not arthritis but A Foot Thingie That Could […]

Are You Thinking About Block Heeled Sandals?

I bring you the block heeled sandal. Were I not pretty much all shopped out right now, what with wedding decisions and resultant outlays, I’d be on the hunt. One can opt for high fashion, by Nicholas Kirkwood. These would be kind of cool to toughen up a point d’esprit lace wedding dress, but they’re […]

One More Pair Of Cute Summer Shoes

Ah the shoes of summer. They come, they slip on, they eventually degrade under dusty toe prints. But the good ones are lovely in season. As I’ve said, I walk to work. As I’ve said, I have a very casual office. So my choice of summer work shoe may look oddly similar to your run-about-towners. […]

3 Trends To Try Right Now

By the time we reach 50, we might say no to trends. We might settle back comfortably into a black safari jacket, some tasteful knit trousers, or our tried-and-true pencil skirt and blouse. Alternatively, we might experiment, judiciously. Judiciously, I say, for trends will come and go. That’s their nature, they cannot help themselves. The […]

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