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Fiction That Deserves Our Time, Or, Saturday Morning at 10:26am

When you have a job, recreation is simple – it happens in the time left over. By the way, I’ve never been one to recreate with sports or hobbies. Exercise is effort; knitting would kill me. Hotel stays are good, especially with a spa onsite, but my tastes are sadly fancy and therefore unsustainable. I […]

Piece By Piece, Or, Saturday Morning at 8:03am

You may remember a while back I started repurposing my kids’ spaces. My son’s room became my “workroom” (in quotation marks because in fact I just keep stuff there and cart it out to my sofa for actual working); my daughter’s room became the guest room. However, that was 2015, and in January of 2016 we […]

Two Weeks In Scotland And England With My Adult Son: Part 2, England

England Actually let’s finish up Scotland. Because when you and I last spoke, my son and I hadn’t yet departed. Guess what happened when we tried to check in at the Edinburgh airport? Cancelled plane. Minxish conveyances! We had had tickets to Gatwick, final destination Brighton. Due to “an incident on the Gatwick runway,” and […]

Giving Presents Of Experience Is Like Giving Power

I remember last year, during the Christmas season, several of you commented that you prefer to give presents of experience. (And before I go any farther, let me just say to those who don’t celebrate Christmas the hubbub I know it can feel intrusive and exclusive and I do apologize but this year I need […]

Falling Digital Flowers, Or, Saturday Morning at 10:37am

Way back in 1960 my family moved from Cambridge, Massachusetts to the San Francisco Bay Area. Although I spent my college, grad school and early career years in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania, and my family’s from the Northeast, I feel quite rooted here. Over the past 6 decades my home, now often known as […]

I Just Want Your Extra Time, And, Saturday Morning at 7:34am

Prince, the American R&B artists famous for songs like “Purple Rain,” “1999,” and “Let’s Go Crazy,” died last Thursday. Cause yet unknown, suicide not suspected. Although I have always loved his music, I have no particular insight about his place in the pantheon. I saw him only once in concert and it was during a […]

Art From Friends And Family, Brigitte Carnochan In Many Guises

I forgot something important in my long post about house plans. The photography of Brigitte Carnochan, my stepmother. On the one hand, her gallery work. I want one of the platinum/palladium triptychs in the Valley Grasses series, maybe two over time, for our master bedroom. In real life, the platinum printing lends these pieces an […]

Inside Out At The Multiplex, Or, Saturday Morning at 9:01am

Last week we talked here about movies. Then my husband and I actually went to see one. The earth stayed on its axis. In all seriousness, the multiplex at 2pm on a Saturday afternoon is pretty lovely. This one sits in the middle of downtown Redwood City, one of several towns on the San Francisco […]

The Moving Picture Show, Or, Saturday Morning at 8:38am

Here’s something I haven’t done in ages. Go to the movies. So, I think we’re going to remedy that today. Maybe. Plans often change. I was pleased at how quickly I could figure out a) what’s playing nearby b) what critics think of the various offerings. Google and Rotten Tomatoes, I forgive your sins of […]

It’s Time To Talk About The Ending Of Mad Men, Or, Saturday Morning at 7:03am

Just in case, before you see something you’d rather not, this morning I’d like to talk about the ending of Mad Men. We’ll wait a moment so those who haven’t seen it yet, along with those who don’t care, can skedaddle themselves out of here as fast as ever they can. OK then. Mad Men’s ending made me mad. […]

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