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The Art Of Helping, Or, Saturday Morning at 9:33am

Last night the Gallery had an opening. Among other artists, they featured Lily Stockman. Those are her flowers, above. I would have loved to have attended. I own one of her paintings, Her Favorite Time Of Day, and I love it. But as it turned out, I have been struggling with fatigue, and couldn’t get […]

The Long Awaited Return Of Professor C. In Which We Discuss James Joyce And John Huston’s The Dead.

My very distinguished father, Professor C., on The Dead as written by James Joyce, and then written again and filmed by John Huston and his son, Tony. If you find you would like more of these pieces, please look to the sidebar and click on “Professor C.” Thanks Dad, for all sorts of things. “The […]

The Return Of Professor C. And Suggested Preparations

As some long time readers know, now and again my esteemed professor papa writes for us. Theme?  Great Literature And Movies Wot Got Made Of Them. More elegantly said,  he has posted on several literature-based movies, Age Of Innocence, Wings of The Dove, and Passage to India, among others. This time he’s written us a […]

By Invitation Only: How Do You Stay Creative?

By Invitation Only is a monthly group posting series, led by Marsha at Splenderosa. You can find today’s other participant posts here. This month, Marsha and the crew at By Invitation Only have asked a question. How do you stay creative? Truth be told, I am not sure I am creative, but since this is […]

Found Galleries, Or, Saturday Morning at 9:10am

I’m not sure when, exactly, I began to check the weather where my children live. When they were in college I would read their school paper online. Who among us does not? And for a while after graduation my daughter lived in New Jersey, so the Daily Princetonian still covered them both. I guess it […]

Discovering Artists, By The Score

I like fashion, intellectually, because it’s such clear evidence of the human urge to decorate and present. Clothing is our most accessible art. But what about art in the historical definition – painting, photography sculpture? While we can find clothing today even at the drugstore it seems, art’s been traditionally more difficult to get hold […]

“Game Of Thrones” Meets “2 Broke Girls,” Or, Saturday Morning at 8:34am

I have a new TV show for you. It’s called Orange Is The New Black, a story of women in prison, and you can find it streaming on Netflix. A composite sentence you never expected to read? The show is neither comedy nor soul-searing drama. It’s just a story, based on the memoirs of a woman […]

“Parade’s End” As Hot Milk, Or, Saturday Morning at 11:13am

Well my goodness. I slept until 9:40am. That hasn’t happened in 20 years. Of course, I was up for a while, sometime in the dark morning, but still. Sleep! Sweet, oblivious, restorative sleep! I always heard that Nod can desert us as we age. I imagined I’d be safe. Ha. Pride goeth before a fall, […]

A Personal Review Of “I Am Love” And “Seating Arrangements”

It’s been a while since I addressed my odd High WASP culture. Those of you old-timers who find the theme annoying, please (as Faux Fuchsia would say), Look Away Now™. Those of you new to the blog, I ask your forbearance. This is a complicated topic*.  We’re throwing in a book and a movie review […]

The Apotheosis Of Smart, Where Women Are Difficult, Or, Saturday Morning at 10:11am

Let’s talk about smart people. Not real smart people, mind you, but the pretend sort we see on American television and in the movies. Have you all noticed the recent apotheosis of imagined brilliants? (If we’re going to discuss smarty-pants we might as well start with a lot of syllables.) There’s House, with the doctor […]

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