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An Easy-Going Trip To Sonoma County, Or, Saturday Morning at 9:21am

We’ll start back easy. Following an office metaphor, we’re in the kitchen. People mill about, laughing, cups of tea and coffee in hand. There’s a shared reluctance to buckle down and produce. Someone pulls out their cellphone and shows vacation photos. I’ll play her, and give you an easy-going account of a trip to wine [...]

What Should I Pack For A Warm-Weather Winter Vacation?

It’s chilly outside. Clouds scud, skies darken, the wind reddens our cheeks. A perfect time for warm-weather vacations. But how to pack well for heat when you’re cold. And, more practically, how to buy a bathing suit when you don’t even want to take off your sweater? We’ll rely on “use cases,” same as for [...]

How To Pack With Style And Comfort For 2 Weeks In Europe

Planning a 2-week spring trip to Northern Europe? Prague, maybe Warsaw or Berlin? Fascinating, no? Such is the reality for a Twitter friend, Robin. And, she asked me to pack for her. I approach Robin’s request today with enthusiasm. It turns out that the Use Case idea works extremely well for suitcase stuffing, with one [...]

Bathing Suit Coverups (They Matter More Than You Think)

Perhaps you’re thinking of a voyage to sunshine. Perhaps you’re dreaming of summertime’s arrival. Perhaps you live in Australia, where it’s already shown up. You might be interested in a philosophy for bathing suit coverups. “Wait,” you say, “Philosophies are not required in this realm. Just throw on any dang thing!” But think about it [...]

A Review Of The Four Seasons, Maui

The holidays are done. Kitchen counters and office desks reclaim us. What better time to daydream? How about a brief tour of luxury Aloha? Yes? OK then. We’ll start with a Garden View, and progress to, even better, an Ocean View. There she is, that vast palmed Pacific. The spot, by the way, is  the [...]

A Review of The Lodge at The Golden Gate, Cavallo Point

Right before the 4th of July weekend, I spent a couple of days at The Lodge at the Golden Gate, Cavallo Point, in Sausalito.. Henceforth called simply, Cavallo Point. Some good resorts make almost everyone happy, almost all the time. (Some people will find fault even with perfection. But why make yourself unhappy?) Places at [...]

Bathers, Men, Ghouls. India, 1982

An ongoing and occasional series on a 3-month trip I took to India in 1982. I was 25, and traveled by train across the country alone, writing an article on the then-unknown Indian film industry and combating the anxieties of youth and solo travel. Often includes references to what I wore. You can find the [...]

The Privilege[d] Guide To Washington D.C., With Boy Children

At long last, the Privilege[d] Guide To Washington, D.C. Everything in one place, for your future reference. Especially tailored for those who have 2-3 days, and a couple of boy children in tow. Gender-typing, I know, but for those two, it’s appropriate. I’ve marked the stuff I actually did with an asterisk but included as [...]

A Review Of The St. Regis, Washington D.C.

I recently spent 3 nights in Washington D.C. I stayed at the St. Regis, which is a member of the Starwood Group, and therefore redeemable for points. Very helpful in the world of fading family fortunes. The lobby is just gorgeous. Wood paneling, gilt, and flower arrangements.  I would have brought my bedding down and [...]

A Review Of The Bacara Resort Near Santa Barbara

I spent last weekend in Santa Barbara, visiting my mother and meeting up with my sisters and their families. If all the nieces and nephews stay in separate bedrooms, my sisters get better nights’ sleep. So I checked into the nearby Bacara Resort for a few nights. And was quite pleasantly surprised. The Bacara website [...]