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An August Afternoon At Bean Hollow Beach On The Northern California Coast

As it happened, on Saturday the sun shone. Even over the Pacific. The beaches of this part of Northern California used to be a local secret. No longer. Take Highway 1, start at the small town of Princeton-by-the-sea (not making that name up, I promise), drive south. You’ll pass the larger town of Half Moon […]

Cold Feet In The Pacific On Saturday, Or, Saturday Morning at 10:27am

It’s Saturday in California! To be precise, an August Saturday, in Northern California! The whole rest of the weekend, and the rest of the month, stretch out ahead. I’m in the mood for adventure. Just like the year when my children finally began to sleep through the night, after weeks of sofa-bound illness I feel […]

What To Pack For 5 Days In San Francisco In April

I’ve posted packing plans for several destinations here on Privilege, from the Carneros Inn in Napa Valley, to London and the Cotswolds, to Europe, Manhattan, and Hawaii. But I’ve never written one for my home city, and it’s time. At the request of a reader, here’s a guide for a 5-day April trip to San […]

Packing For Not Quite A Week In Hawaii

I’ve become an unwitting expert in resort packing. I’d shake my head over my own frivolity, but would rather give the frivolous knowledge away and hope it’s useful. Here’s what goes in my suitcase. I plan by “use case” rather than by item type. Key takeaway, please do not underestimate the versatility of white cotton […]

Helicopters And Volcanoes

The Four Seasons was glorious, but we managed to leave once or twice. Hawaii is a pretty compelling island after all. First, we all ventured out to see one the island’s live volcanoes, Kilauea, from a helicopter. Along with a few cliffs and waterfalls. The volcano made me cry. Not because I’m afraid of lava, […]

Mad Dogs And Englishwomen: How To Buy A Swimsuit In The Wintertime

My family has a tradition of winter trips to warm places. Usually warm places by the seaside, where, with any luck, we swim. Here’s the thing. Have you ever noticed how swimsuits seem to age even when they’re just drawer-warming? How suits that looked great in August become unwearable by December? What’s up with that? […]

Packing With Good Imagination And Imagining A Good Pack

I’m usually pretty good at packing. This trip to England, erm, well, um, spotty. I failed to use the Use Case Method to its best advantage. Specifically, I packed for special events like The Dinner With Friends and A Hike Through The Cotswolds, while neglecting the more common Long Walk Through London As Rain Threatens. […]

A 10 Day Summer Itinerary In England, Complete With 7 Tips For The Middle-Aged Traveling With Adult Children

Travel recommendations are so particular. My fun might evoke your despair. So rather than advice about travel to England on a general level, here’s the story of  what my daughter and I did on our summer vacation. If we arrive at wider insights, bonus points for all. Our Somewhat Jaw-Dropping 10-Day Itinerary First, the not-short […]

Is London The New New World?, Or, Saturday Morning at 7:27am

An interesting thing happened in London. My daughter and I went in search of two houses in the city where  I had previously lived. In 1967-8, we spent a year living in at 17 Tregunter Road. I can report that it’s still there, white, surrounded by trees. Later, after graduating from college in 1978, I […]

We’re In England! Or, Saturday Morning at 8:35am GMT

Yes, we’re in England, Tall Redheaded Daughter and I. In fact, we’ve been here all week. I drafted the book post roughly, before we left, and finished it one afternoon in a pause between London sights. Now we’re in Oxford for 2 days, before we head up to a village in the Cotswolds. Where we […]

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