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Summer Break

In honor of summer, that blue-eyed 40-year old dancing under a pergola who throws back her head to feel her hair on her shoulders, I’m taking a few weeks off. See you in August, I wish you all possible fun under the sun.

Other People’s Good Words, Or, Saturday Morning at 9:29am

Right now I like what other people are writing so much that I think I’ll stay quiet and post their links. From Mardel, about clearing out her closet, optimizing, finding the sweet spot for where she lives now. From Brenda, an over-60 blogger new to me, becoming more visible over-65. (I think about writing a […]

American Writing, British Television, Travels, Or, Saturday Morning at 9:51am

It’s been a quiet week. I published a new post on Medium, here, in full awareness of my limitations. I first wrote the piece very simply, as a simple but preposterous proposal. For better or worse I couldn’t leave it that way. My internal voice of reason spoke too loudly. Retirement seems to be about having the time to […]

Bandanas Of The Heart And Hearth

As the USA moves into spring we applaud the sun and light (even as we shiver in the evening or wake up to a blanket of March snow.) Is sky blue and cozy the perfect spring pairing? I recently bought this small “lace” cashmere scarf.   Perfect for spring days when the wind is colder […]

When You Learn You Don’t Know As Much As You Might Have Thought You Did, Or, Saturday Morning at 9:13am

Since I announced I’d be changing my writing practice, moving to Medium to write about politics, I’ve been reminded of two little truths. First, learning something new presents difficulties you won’t foresee. Second, habits matter as much or more than intent. Leaning something new, well, I’ve learned that politics are hard. Ha! Cue riotous laughter […]

Out And About In The Virtual World, Or, Saturday Morning at 9:27am

Morning. On Instagram, some spinners. The whirligigs of Year of the Rooster. A post shared by Lisa Carnochan (@amidprivilege) on Feb 12, 2017 at 3:34pm PST On Medium, my struggle to understand the emotional infrastructure of political positions. On Twitter, two book recommendations. And other voices. Dani at Mop Philosopher gives us a couple of […]

Twinning Round The World

I’m friends with a group of young women in the UK, and one of them wore this Boden sweatshirt in a selfie. So I got one too. Mostly cotton, comfortable, gold polka dots. Surely you would have done the same. Especially since it’s on sale for under $50. Surely you would have. Links may generate […]

Blue Nile End Of Year Sale With Bows On

Blue Nile is having their end of year sale. These bows are on back order – but try a phone call if you love them as I do. Good for a bride, traditionally, but even better with a motorcycle jacket. In fact, right now Blue Nile is offering some pretty good savings on diamond jewelry […]

Christmas Gift Cards, Sunny Skies

Christmas gift cards mean a new beach tote around here. With tassels! Hope your holidays were lovely. Links may generate commissions

Things I Know And Things I Don’t Know, Or, Saturday Morning at 10:33am

All this week I’ve been feeling anxious. Seriously so, for no discernible reason. I ran through the usual suspects; Mom’s affairs, preparations for teaching, blog posting schedule, life administration, the well-being of my children. Although there’s stuff, there’s always stuff, nothing warranted the deep cold dread I felt. Then yesterday, having crossed two particularly time-consequential […]

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