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Twinning Round The World

I’m friends with a group of young women in the UK, and one of them wore this Boden sweatshirt in a selfie. So I got one too. Mostly cotton, comfortable, gold polka dots. Surely you would have done the same. Especially since it’s on sale for under $50. Surely you would have. Links may generate […]

Blue Nile End Of Year Sale With Bows On

Blue Nile is having their end of year sale. These bows are on back order – but try a phone call if you love them as I do. Good for a bride, traditionally, but even better with a motorcycle jacket. In fact, right now Blue Nile is offering some pretty good savings on diamond jewelry […]

Christmas Gift Cards, Sunny Skies

Christmas gift cards mean a new beach tote around here. With tassels! Hope your holidays were lovely. Links may generate commissions

Things I Know And Things I Don’t Know, Or, Saturday Morning at 10:33am

All this week I’ve been feeling anxious. Seriously so, for no discernible reason. I ran through the usual suspects; Mom’s affairs, preparations for teaching, blog posting schedule, life administration, the well-being of my children. Although there’s stuff, there’s always stuff, nothing warranted the deep cold dread I felt. Then yesterday, having crossed two particularly time-consequential […]

Giving Presents Of Experience Is Like Giving Power

I remember last year, during the Christmas season, several of you commented that you prefer to give presents of experience. (And before I go any farther, let me just say to those who don’t celebrate Christmas the hubbub I know it can feel intrusive and exclusive and I do apologize but this year I need […]

One Minute In The Christmas Season Of 2016, Or, Saturday Morning at 10:13am

What? Just browsing warm white pre-lit outdoor cone Christmas trees. Four feet tall or thereabouts preferred. You?

Happy Thanksgiving!

Surprisingly Full Of Energy, Or, Saturday Morning at 8:17am

For superstitious reasons I hesitate to tell you, but, this past week I’ve had a burst of energy. I almost don’t know what to do! Except use a rare exclamation mark in a blog post. Does this happen to you? I used to buzz at a high frequency all the time. Until I’d collapse, spent, […]

Wondering What Sixty Is, Or, Saturday Morning at 8:10am Central Time

I’ve had the occasion these past few days to see old friends. As I’ve told them, I’m researching. They both had their 60th birthdays earlier this year, and I want to benchmark our age. I find myself asking them all kinds of questions. “What is your dream of the future? In that future where will […]

Picking Up A Few Household Items That Just Might Help Prepare For Guests Who Just Might Be Coming For Holidays

We’ve been feathering the nest, a tad. I know nobody wants to talk holidays yet, so I won’t mention Thanksgiving, or Hanukah, or Christmas. We’re safe as far as Diwali, since I don’t celebrate it, although these days I see its lights around town more often. How about we call today Investing In Our Hospitality […]

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