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Generations, Or, Saturday Morning at 6:07am

Pretty much directly after my children came to visit I drove down to Santa Barbara to see my mom. And there we have midlife, in one little sentence. There was no health crisis – this time – but my 3 siblings and I now make sure that Mom and her husband get a visit from […]

Saturday Morning at 8:17am

Thinking this morning about Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370. I suppose there’s still a very slight chance of survivors, but my thoughts go out to all those with loved ones on board.   Share on Facebook Tweet!

Rain, Narrative, Baptism, Or, Saturday Morning at 8:34am

Some facts, and a little associated speculation. It’s finally raining in the Bay Area. Maybe we’ll be able to take showers this summer. Personal hygiene aside, for the fires and the farmers, this is crucial. Perhaps those Polar Vortices will now free the rest of the country? I’ve only got 1.5 episodes of Breaking Bad […]

Privilege in IFB Links à la Mode This Week

IFB: Links à la Mode January 30th, 2104 Guess what guys! The post on Demystifying Boyfriend Jeans was chosen for IFB’s (stands for Independent Fashion Bloggers) weekly link round-up, AKA Links à la Mode. I was very excited when I saw the notice come through. Below is the text they ask winners to share this […]


have a very happy new year sturdy gals don’t quite understand dreams but they love to plan so I wish for you a year in which all well-made plans go as hmmm planned xoxox lisa brought to you by a few words without images or even punctuation ready set go Share on Facebook Tweet!

Merry Christmas!

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Christmas Break, Or Saturday Morning at 9:42am

Well 2013. My goodness. Left a job, got married. Other stuff. So now it’s Christmastime, which my family celebrates, and my kids are coming home. I bought a second sofa. This time we will all have a place to sit. I will see you in January, after New Year’s. I might have to make a […]

American Thanksgiving, Happy Holiday To All

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A Gift Guide From Someone Who Knows How

And today, I’m going to send you to Verhext’s blog, who has put together a gift guide for her Fancy Friend(s). Let’s pretend that’s us, shall we? When you arrive, this is what you will find, links and all. She’s one of those people you discover on the Internet and think, well, she’s got an […]

Trying On Wise, Or, Saturday Morning at 10:33am

Here’s something good about the 50s. You’ve lived a meaningful chunk as an adult – about 30 years, as I see it. And 30 years is not nothing. In 30 years stuff comes and goes, and comes again. Patterns, longer and more subtle, emerge. Traceries matter more than they had, the looming immediate overwhelms less. […]