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7 Reasons To Watch “About A Boy” And Hope It Doesn’t Get Canceled, Or, Saturday Morning at 9:01am

I’ve had a little bug the past couple of days, and in my book, being sick means permission to watch as much television as possible. Yes? In any case, I was hunting for what to watch, being temporarily out of British shows, and stumbled upon bad news. They are quite possibly going to cancel About […]

Packing For Not Quite A Week In Hawaii

I’ve become an unwitting expert in resort packing. I’d shake my head over my own frivolity, but would rather give the frivolous knowledge away and hope it’s useful. Here’s what goes in my suitcase. I plan by “use case” rather than by item type. Key takeaway, please do not underestimate the versatility of white cotton […]


  Clear sailing ahead.   Photo: “Glide” by Dmytro Kochetov. Lake Tahoe, December 2013. Via Flickr, here. Red glitter for font, also via Flickr, here. Share on Facebook Tweet!

Holiday Break, Or, Saturday Morning at 7:43am

Time for the Privilege holiday break. For all of you celebrating Christmas and the Gregorian New Year, may all your festivities be glorious and bright. For those of you in other cultures, may your next couple of weeks be as full of peace, hope, and joy as humanly possible. Thank you so much for reading. […]

Where Can I Find Reasonably Priced Cute Reading Glasses?

Ah, reading glasses. One of the universal experiences of aging, that moment when we reset our daily lives just to be able to see close up. If you asked me, “Lisa, do you wear glasses,” I’d probably say no. But then, if we look closely, I’d have to recant. I wear reading glasses 70% of […]

Just What Is It About British TV?, Or, Saturday Morning at 9:05am

Just what is it about English television? While I do believe that today’s best fictional experience can be found in American TV series, I enjoy the English stuff in an entirely different way. The Sopranos, Breaking Bad, Orange Is The New Black, Transparent – all brilliant, but also challenging. Downton Abbey, Call The Midwife, Doc […]

Object Of Desire: Even Tomboys Get Cold Necks

Scarves are popular. And well-documented, by Mai Tai, Deja Pseu, and the Hostess, among others. In silk, a hallmark of the Grande Dame. Fringed, purview of the Artsy Cousin. Sturdy Gals and tomboys, however, avoid the traditional carré, unnerved by both flapping and sheen. Give us a rectangle, that domesticated geometry, that sometimes Golden Shape, […]

Clearing The Ways, And Letting Them Hide

  In fashion, I err on the side of repression. I wear less color and flash than my personality might support. High WASPs are like that and always have been, we worship appropriate, and set our dashboard to flash an early warning for impropriety. In the garden, however, I err on the side of letting […]

A Whiteboard Analysis Of Renee Zellweger’s Plastic Surgery, Or, Saturday Morning at 8:29am

As 99% of you probably know, the actress Renee Zellweger had plastic surgery. The Internet opined. My apologies if you are ready to be done discussing, but the storm of talk has made me feel as I often did in business meetings, compelled 3/4 of the way through to leap from the table and start […]

Something Other Than Listsicles, Or, Saturday Morning at 8:48am

I want to thank whoever recommended The Browser to me. A hunt through the blog comments and email yielded no name, so you remain our mystery informant. In March, I wrote here that I felt uneducated, with respect to the world. Everyone gave me great recommendations. Six months later, The Browser has made perhaps the […]