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Merry Christmas!

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Christmas Break, Or Saturday Morning at 9:42am

Well 2013. My goodness. Left a job, got married. Other stuff. So now it’s Christmastime, which my family celebrates, and my kids are coming home. I bought a second sofa. This time we will all have a place to sit. I will see you in January, after New Year’s. I might have to make a […]

American Thanksgiving, Happy Holiday To All

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A Gift Guide From Someone Who Knows How

And today, I’m going to send you to Verhext’s blog, who has put together a gift guide for her Fancy Friend(s). Let’s pretend that’s us, shall we? When you arrive, this is what you will find, links and all. She’s one of those people you discover on the Internet and think, well, she’s got an […]

Trying On Wise, Or, Saturday Morning at 10:33am

Here’s something good about the 50s. You’ve lived a meaningful chunk as an adult – about 30 years, as I see it. And 30 years is not nothing. In 30 years stuff comes and goes, and comes again. Patterns, longer and more subtle, emerge. Traceries matter more than they had, the looming immediate overwhelms less. […]

News And A Thank You

Guess what? Here’s something fun. I won the Naturalizer Style At Any Age contest. I know! I’m really pleased, and surprised. I also need to thank you all so much. Go you guys! And go you so much that I’ll put together the giveaway for 2 pairs of Naturalizer shoes and get it up on […]

Ask LPC Is Back In Action

After a long hiatus, the Ask LPC part of this site is now up and functioning. I deleted some old questions, and have begun to answer the new ones. Take a look, if you you are so inclined. If you don’t see the answer to your particular issue, and if you are impatient – as […]

Eyes Gentle, Or, Saturday Morning at 7:16am

Attempting yoga class at a new studio today. We shall hope it’s not one of those No Country For Old Ladies places, all triceps and flex. Baby steps toward retirement avec exercise, baby steps. With knee over the ankle, shoulders off the ears and eyes gentle – those things I haven’t forgotten. Before I go, […]

Discovering Artists, By The Score

I like fashion, intellectually, because it’s such clear evidence of the human urge to decorate and present. Clothing is our most accessible art. But what about art in the historical definition – painting, photography sculpture? While we can find clothing today even at the drugstore it seems, art’s been traditionally more difficult to get hold […]

Housekeeping – i.e. no need to click through:).

Doing some housekeeping for those who use Bloglovin. Follow my blog with Bloglovin Carry on:). Share on Facebook Tweet!