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Ask LPC Is Back In Action

After a long hiatus, the Ask LPC part of this site is now up and functioning. I deleted some old questions, and have begun to answer the new ones. Take a look, if you you are so inclined. If you don’t see the answer to your particular issue, and if you are impatient – as [...]

Eyes Gentle, Or, Saturday Morning at 7:16am

Attempting yoga class at a new studio today. We shall hope it’s not one of those No Country For Old Ladies places, all triceps and flex. Baby steps toward retirement avec exercise, baby steps. With knee over the ankle, shoulders off the ears and eyes gentle – those things I haven’t forgotten. Before I go, [...]

Discovering Artists, By The Score

I like fashion, intellectually, because it’s such clear evidence of the human urge to decorate and present. Clothing is our most accessible art. But what about art in the historical definition – painting, photography sculpture? While we can find clothing today even at the drugstore it seems, art’s been traditionally more difficult to get hold [...]

Housekeeping – i.e. no need to click through:).

Doing some housekeeping for those who use Bloglovin. Follow my blog with Bloglovin Carry on:). Share on Facebook Tweet!

Off To Blog Hiatus, See You Bright And Early In September, Or, Saturday Morning at 7:41am

Today marks the first Saturday post I’ve ever written in advance. Usually I begin upon rising and put my pen down by noon, come proverbial hell or high water. It’s an exercise I’ve set myself, and one I highly recommend to establish a regular schedule and editorial rhythm. This August is also the first month-long [...]


And, after the most commented upon giveaway in Privilege history, we have a winner. Carla Yocum, come on down! She has a Facebook page too, and she’s a photographer. Carla, we’ll be in touch with the details. Thank you all so much for the enthusiasm, and for all the advice on the wedding wear too. [...]

Virtual Magpie-ing, Or, Saturday Morning at 8:29am

Today I’m over at Pinterest, imagining. Contrary to popular opinion, I find Pinterest obviates buying. A little time spent pinning photos can be as endorphin-producing as a purchase – or more, as one avoids closet clutter, wallet-thinning, buyer’s remorse. Sometimes even I have very little to say on a Saturday morning. Just let the swell [...]

The Challenges Of Privilege

“What was your greatest challenge?” asks Marsha. “How did it make you better?” It might be hard to imagine I can answer, born into privilege as I was. Intelligently fed, beautifully housed, formally educated. What possible difficulties could I face? But the Internet has convinced me that everyone struggles with something. We read of and [...]

Spring Break

Privilege will be on Spring Break this week, returning next week with a) something from our friend Marsha at Splenderosa b) a reader request for guidance on how to put together a whole new wardrobe. Now that’s a fun question to answer. For today, I recommend visiting Flwrjane at Small But Charming for Flowers in [...]

And The Winner Is…

The winner of the True Wind bag is HHH. Thank you HHH for participating! Thank you all SO MUCH for your stories. They are just wonderful. And Kathryn, you who lost your house, please let me know if I can give your email address to Meredith of True Wind. She’s got something for you. We [...]