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So Next Year I’m Getting A Flu Shot, Or, Saturday Morning at 9:38am

Hi guys. Sorry about disappearing. Here’s what happened. After visiting my mom I drove down to LA, where I met with blogging friends, (BTW, do you follow @mrs_badinage on Instagram? You must.) attended my extraordinary youngest sister’s 50th birthday party, and came down with the flu. Not knowing I was that sick, we drove back […]

Did You Have A Bowie Moment?

When I heard David Bowie had died, I remembered my Bowie moment. Picture a young Californian girl dancing to “Rebel, Rebel” in a Princeton eating club. Those clubs were far more likely to play Southern rock and Motown like “Hey-ey Baby, Will You Be My Girl?” than glam anything-at-all. Someone had switched it up that […]

Snowflake Lights In The Pyracantha, Clementines In The Bowl, Or, Saturday Morning at 9:26am

I’m not sure which is more important about the past few weeks, that I understood something about Christmas or that it’s been raining. Oh, of course I know the rain is more important. Our drought has affected so many. However, that story can be found everywhere, my immediate thoughts only here. We will work with […]

Untitled, 2016

Achoo, Honk, Hack, Nnnnng, Or, Saturday Morning at 7:22am

Yesterday I was pretty sure I had the flu. Today I’m willing to concede it might be just some other mean virus bringing a cough, sneezes, aches, pains, the need to sleep, headaches and a dodgy gut. I’m in a pretty good mood nevertheless. Husband is home; I’m wearing a hoodie OVER a cashmere sweater […]

Happy Thanksgiving!


Heartbroken For All The Children, Or, Saturday Morning at 7:51am

There is nothing to talk about except what happened in Paris yesterday. I am an atheist, and thus won’t #prayforparis. However, even if I were a believer, I wouldn’t be praying, for Paris. I would be so downhearted, so worried, so sorry, as I am now. I imagine we all are, faith or no. But […]

What Are Your History And Feelings About Color In The House?

You may have known from birth how you feel about color. You always chose ochre, or marine green as your favorites, never blue. Your enthusiasm informed your wardrobe, and eventually, your house. Rarely so for the Sturdies. Color, other than The Old Red, White and Blue, often scares us. Lucky break, denim’s blueness and all. […]

UPDATE: Tish Jett At Bianco In Los Gatos, Starts at 11:30am Not 10am

I’ll be there this afternoon. Would love to meet you. That is all. Didn’t want anyone trekking up or down the Peninsula for naught.

Not-So-Talky, Or, Saturday Morning at 8:40am

Seems I’ve done a lot of talking lately. So this morning, I’ll just pin some Saturday mornings things to my Pinterest board called, appropriately, What To Do On Saturday Mornings. Have a great weekend guys, talky or not-so-talky as you choose. Smooches to everyone what wants them.  

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