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What To Wear To An Afternoon Wedding In A Tropical “Country Club” Setting

My daughter’s roommate got married a couple of weeks ago. Cue mother-daughter texting and phone calls, and texting and emailing, and texting and online shopping. Because, what does one wear to a summer afternoon wedding in a “country club” setting? A mother should know. I use those quotation marks because we’re talking about a deconstructed […]

Two Years Ago Today, Or, Saturday Morning at 6:48am

Today’s our wedding anniversary. I wanted to share a few photos, some new, some already seen. My bouquet. I wanted a “whiff of decay.” By Sarah at Saipua, in Red Hook Brooklyn. My youngest sister loaned me a pair of earrings. Something borrowed. I can’t remember what was blue. I loved my hair, held up […]

Thank You To That’s Not My Age And To The Guardian

I’m very grateful and flattered to be included in Alyson Walsh’s article, “Getting married over 40: fashion for the meringue-averse bride,” up today on the Guardian’s online site. Alyson, the author of both the blog, That’s Not My Age, and a new book, Style Forever: The Grown-Up Guide to Looking Fabulous, has written about wedding […]

LPC At A Practical Wedding: What My Second Wedding Taught Me

The photo above is precisely what it appears to be – me, right before my 1986 wedding. Today I am over at APW, with a post on What My Second Wedding Taught Me. You’ll find a few more snapshots there, a small black tie affair at the Helmsley Palace, and an even smaller informal gathering […]

No Gifts Please. Oh Well, If You Must:).

When I remarried, last August, we said no gifts please. With two households already established, what more could we require? Some people, of course, insisted. As it turns out, those people who simply must give you a present will do so perfectly. I have already sent thank you notes, of course. But here’s a second […]

A Practical Wedding’s Mother of the Bride (or Groom) Dress Roundup

Here are some ideas for Mother of the Bride or Groom dresses, under $250. Quite promising, I’d say. A million thanks to Meg and her crew at APW. Always a pleasure to visit.

LPC is at A Practical Wedding Today

Today I’m over a A Practical Wedding. This morning, you’ll find photos from my wedding. This afternoon, I heard from a little bird, might bring my choices for Mother of the Bride dresses. In the under $25o category. If my intelligence is correct, I’ll post that link too, when it’s up. And yes, Significant Husband […]

Can You Wear White To Your Wedding Rehearsal?

To revisit, briefly, the discussion of wedding dresses. You all were correct. The Christopher Kane tape dress wasn’t quite right to get married in. It’s cool, beautiful, and fashion-forward. The translucent silk organza is a glorious fabric, and lace appliques and plastic tape as fun as one might expect. But it’s not romantic, and I […]


The wedding was a delirium of happiness. Emilia Schobeiri, of Emilia Jane Photography, has posted a few of her photos, here. And one more below, including Sarah’s bouquet that I’d like to carry all my life. See you all in September, when I will eventually post one more set of wedding photos, and otherwise return […]

3 Ways To Accessorize For A Summer Wedding

Which accessories work best, when you’re attending a summer wedding? This isn’t one of those posts where I tell you the answer. I’m looking to you all for direction, impunity be danged. And, in return for your thoughts, Dressed USA will be giving one reader a shift of their choice. We thank them in advance. […]

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