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March 13th, 2009, Saturday Morning at 8:05am

As I am off this week, I’m republishing some Saturday posts. This was the first, from back in 2009. It’s Saturday morning. And my son is home from college. My children are grown. They have not a vestige of body fat left on them that I can call my own. Nothing to pinch. I do […]

Summer Is For We Old, Or, Saturday Morning at 10:02am

I was driving through town yesterday, California blue sky filling my dashboard, and I wondered, “Was summer different when I was young?” The thing is, I don’t remember Summer, per se. I remember some days swinging, some days alone in meadows, some days at school when sun shone in the windows and hit the table […]

Spare Toddlers And Ladies, Or, Saturday Morning at 8:04am

With little children I used to wish, fervently, to live in co-housing. The more time around other families, and other people, the better. I practically co-reared with my best friend down the street. When she moved, I mourned, even though it was just to the next town over. Later, in the days of teenagers, I […]

World Cup From A Middle-Aged Lady’s Perspective, Or, Saturday Morning at 8:48am

Fútbol! World Cup, guys! Are you excited? For many reasons, I find this more fun than any other sportsapalooza. A metric? I’ve installed the GOAL sidebar in Firefox, so I don’t have to wonder which game is being played when. And how come? Personal history, in part. My counterculture high school fielded a soccer team, […]

What To Do About Internet Haters, Or, Saturday Morning at 9:57am

What to do about Internet haters? I’m back from a week posting at Corporette, and while in the end it was a lot of fun, and the vast majority of the readers very gracious, the first comment on my first post read, 1. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ boring. 2. A week that revolves around 00.001% of people. God, […]

Welcoming Houses And Gardens To The Party, Or, Saturday Morning at 7:44am

  Well hello everyone. Coming up on 3 weeks before our blue dry summer’s longest day, it’s my favorite time of year in Northern California. Kind of the Thursday night of seasons – full bacchanalia in sight, but just far enough away that you can pull your enjoyment forward now and feel it twice. You […]

The Third Age Of Women, Or Saturday Morning at 7:49am

There have been times in my life with women, and times without. When I was a teen, for example, it was all about the boyfriend. Boyfriends, I should say, as in serial. But I guess we could well argue I wasn’t a woman at 14, or even 18, so let’s move on. In college, while […]

Generations, Or, Saturday Morning at 6:07am

Pretty much directly after my children came to visit I drove down to Santa Barbara to see my mom. And there we have midlife, in one little sentence. There was no health crisis – this time – but my 3 siblings and I now make sure that Mom and her husband get a visit from […]

The Best Possible Mother’s Day Present – You Already Know What It Is – Or, Saturday Morning at 8:23am

My husband brought my kids home for the weekend as a surprise Mother’s Day present. Well, a surprise with lead-up, as he told me they’d be coming yesterday morning so that I could have time to clean and shop. He knows I like to nest. The two of them, tall, grinning, sweet as sugar, arrived […]

Why I Love My Suburban Rose Bed, Or, Saturday Morning at 7:46am

That’s my rose bed. To say I have a white rose garden sounds so English, so glamourous, so artistic. In truth, I have a raised suburban bed of white rose bushes. With one fellow that was planted accidentally, closed buds opening to reveal peach. But I love my rose bed on beyond zebra, as per […]

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