And In Further Important Mad Men News….

Remember how we all voted for her?

Pretty dang fun. Go here to read the official Mad Men interview with her. Clicking on the image above will take you to her sister Hollister’s site – where I found the announcement.

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  • Yes! There is a god!

  • So now when do we see her? It's probably next season right?

  • Oh excellent, I voted for her!

  • I am a fan of Mad Men so I am eager to see her next season, she looks very chic and ….is that a Silvercross? I heart those perambulators!

  • That's so cool! So she'll have her walk-on next season?

  • Yes, in Season 4. Click the image, it will take you to Hollister's site. I will also add a link to Porter's interview on the Mad Men site.

  • OH, that is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I always thought she was the BEST!
    How very exciting!!!!

    (this deserves superfluous exclamation!!!)