My Stepfather Is Doing Well, And We Send Thanks

Many of you who will read this know that my stepfather had emergency heart surgery about a week and a half ago. I came down to Santa Barbara to help my mother when he was released from the hospital.

He does a little better every day. It was an extremely serious situation, and is by no means now routine, but the trajectory, if I can use that word, is good. To illustrate, he is sitting in his usual chair, paying bills, as I write.

My mother’s sister arrives today to take over. I will go home tomorrow, and am planning a return to -Privilege posting very soon. I wanted to be sure to let you all know, however, that my family and I think it is lovely, wonderful, that you have left so many well wishes. Thank you very much.

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  • Good news indeed! Bill paying never sounded so good.

  • Glad to hear he is improved!

  • I am glad to hear he is doing well!

  • I hate paying bills…I would have milked the heart surgery a bit longer!

    Cheers to your padre.

  • I am so glad he is home and doing better. What a relief to you and your mom. He must be happy to be in control again!

  • Good to hear things are getting better, slow and steady, very wise. Nice to know that your aunt is coming in as well…your Mom is surrounded by family, what a great feeling that must be for her.

  • Ahhh, true love and beauty captured in the mundane act of bill paying. Precious.

    Best Wishes,


  • A return to the routine is good and, I think, healing.

  • That's great news, LPC. Have been sending my best.

  • So pleased to hear he is doing well….

  • What a relief to be able to return to normalcy. So glad to hear he is doing well. Thanks for the update.

  • Good news Miss Privilege, that's nice to know, we have been thinking about him, and all of you. :)

  • i love that you aren't afraid to announce your 'privilegeness'. i am
    still in the closet, but might put my big toe in after a few visits to
    this really fun blog!

  • Glad that he is doing well.

  • Lisa,it's good hear that your stepfather is doing so well. You be sure to take a moment for yourself.
    Always Bumby

  • Glad to hear that he's doing well! Hope you get some rest soon too.

  • Great news! So glad he is doing well. xoxo

  • Y'all have been in my prayers. Thank you for sharing. Hugs!

  • I am very glad to hear he is doing better… my thoughts are with your family xo

  • So glad to hear this Lisa!
    I'm sure your presence has been a huge relief for your mom.

  • so many major thoughts and prayers coming your way, my father had emergency heart surgery too, I feel the pain and shock your family is feeling LPC.



  • Oh, I am so glad to hear he is doing well, considering what he's gone through. I am sending you a big, giant hug… (Did you feel it?)


  • Oh my…LPC! I think I missed a post! I am so thankful that he is doing well after such a serious procedure.

    I hope Mother Privilege is doing alright too and that you have a safe trip back home. Tight hugs to you and many thanks for your kind comment today.

  • So sorry to have missed the worry and drama and so pleased to hear the old boy is on the mend.
    Love from freezing London

  • Wishing you and your family well!

  • Glad to hear it. God speed.

  • I've been so busy this last week I've barely had time to throw together a post on my blog, much less comment on others. However, I have been reading and I am SO glad that your step-father is doing well. I hope he continues to have a smooth and speedy recovery.

  • Good energy to you and your family. xo

  • I'm glad to hear!!

  • Thank you for taking the time to share your good news.

    All the very best to you and your family.


  • Sending good thoughts and white light.

  • Well, that's a relief. I'm so glad he's doing well with his recovery!

  • You've been missed. Glad to get the update and know you are able to return.

  • Happy to hear things are looking on the good side now. (hugs)

  • wish a speed recovery for him and a speedy rest for you..

  • That is good to hear. :)

  • Marvellous news- I am glad he is doing so well as to be occupied with such a mundane task! Missed your writing and look forward to having you back. Maureen

  • My thoughts are with you!

  • Glad to hear he is doing well!

  • So glad he's doing okay!