Grown Children, Or, Saturday Morning at 10:53am

Girl child is back at her job. Boy child is in the air. Fingers crossed. Until next time.

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  • Don't you think that it is great to have older children?
    Maybe I'm the only one who feels this way since I was never much of a motherly mother. I did all the normal motherly stuff, play group, carpool, music lessons, little league, room mother, birthday parties, etc., but I never really enjoyed it all that much.
    Now that my kids are grown, I enjoy their company more than ever. I'm very happy that both of my children live in Los Angeles and not plane flight away.

  • There are so many wonderful things about having older children that I never expected. Everyone talks about the little ones. But it's a whole new world when they become "regular" people. Hope you all had a wonderful time together!

  • Yes, we had a wonderful time, and while I loved having babies and little kids, having adult children has all kinds of new pieces to it that I didn't expect and I do enjoy.

  • The fingers-crossing is tough, though, isn't it! My oldest is away for a week right now with her husband and her little one, my gorgeous granddaughter. I'm happy they're relaxing in sunny southern warmth, but I'll be happier when they're back when I can more easily know they're safe . . . I don't suppose that ever goes away.

  • I hope you had a great time!

    I just read your Target post…Target is only in the US. They wont even ship to other countries.

  • Fingers crossed and a little prayer…

  • You said a great deal in a few words!

  • i am happy to have discovered your blog… have a great sunday…

  • I believe you feel a bit sad and at the same time a bit relieved after your children´s visit. I try to push the thought of my younger one moving from home. What to do then? I know that the time will come. It is only natural.

  • Okay, I have to admit. I am in limbo and can't wait until I have that adult OR child relationship with my two daughters (ages 17 and 20). The hardest part for me is negotiating this time. Why? Because one minute it's mommy, I need you and the next minute, it's get away from me. Arggggh! The good news is I'm learning to tap dance and improv!

  • metscan and Michelle, it's always been a push and pull, if we think about it, right? And red ticking, I am glad you found us too.