10% Discount And Ciao Bella!

Paula asked about my blog schedule, given that I am off to New York. She also asked if I’d be visiting Tiffany & Co., or Iradj Moini. Oh Iradj, those are some outrageous, luscious big gems. But I digress. I plan to check in here Saturday morning to write the usual whatever-comes-into-my-head-that’s-not-embarrassing-or-maybe-only-a-little-embarrassing claptrap. I should be back to posting by Monday, or Tuesday if the Xanax-induced hangover from Sunday’s flight is too hideous.

Have I explained that I’m afraid of flying? Yes. Well. That.

In any case, on a final note of thanks to all, Margaret from NaraCamicieSF has this to say. In pink. Because that’s her style and she knows it.

I am so happy you all know about this exciting brand now, and I would love to help you choose something that makes you as happy as Lisa’s blue shirt makes her. First step is checking our site www.naracamiciesf.com. Then call us at (415) 683-3204 in San Francisco or write us narasf@att.net and identify yourself as a Privilege reader {use code PRIV) and get 10% off on any purchases. We ship anywhere..

Best regards from Margaret, owner, Naracamicie San Francisco, the most beautiful blouse in the world from Italy.”

Margaret Lawrence
(415) 683-3204
As long as we’re all things Italian today, I’m just going to say, and mean it, “Ciao bella!”

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  • I hope you have a wonderful time in Gotham City! I love NYC!

  • Safe travels! Will have to visit NaraCamicieSF and see what they have to offer.

  • Enjoy your trip!

  • Have the most fun!! Maybe we'll end up in NYC at the same time someday!! xoxo

  • Ciao!

  • Have a safe (and not too terrifying) trip, Miss Lisa.

  • I hope you have a wonderful time! (and oh my, those are such lucious, lucious gems!)

  • Hi LPC! I am blushing, reading that my comment/question made it up into the privilege :)
    Vienna is still too chilly for the short-sleeve Nara Camicie I bought 3 weeks ago. But I am patient. Looking forward to reading your NY Stories.

  • Safe trip, am emerald with envy – those lunches, that shopping, the energy, the books… Amusez-vous! xx

  • Have a fab time. I'm a terrifed flyer too, but my rationale is, nothing will happen when you are flying for pleasure. OK I know it is not logical but neither is the fear. Bon voyage! A magical time of year to be in New York!