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The 3rd Rule Of China Place Settings

Large Bowl – Swedish Royal Wedding Series “Wait!” you might protest, “Wait! What happened to Rules 1 and 2? Is there a Rule Number 4?” Never fear. Other rules exist. But they require research, time, thought. And some days you just want the frivolous cream, the cotton candy, the butter of life. Rule #3: There […]

An Ordinary Privilege, Or, Saturday Morning at 11:29am

I went to my brother’s 50th birthday party last night. The group included artists, lawyers, professors, psychoanalysts, harp players, chess players, public health clinical trial experts, and at least one hedge fund guy. Many Burning Man fans in eclectic dress. All there to celebrate. Happy birthday, GMC, known by the family nickname that starts with […]

At "Hostess of the Humble Bungalow" Today, Remodeling California Ranch Houses

Today I am at the Hostess of the Humble Bungalow. She has a beautiful, historic bungalow in the Arts and Crafts style. I have opinions about remodeling in my neighborhood. And so are matches made. Please come visit. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your time.

The Best Swimming Pool In Napa’s Wine Country

Imagine you have little time for a getaway. Let’s say, for example, you can spare one day and two nights. Let’s say you make your way to the Carneros Inn in Napa, California. You’d wake up here, to morning light and a newspaper in your mailbox.Then you’d amble up the hill for breakfast, pausing to […]

And Yes, I Did Publish The Perfume Post Prematurely But Now It Is Up Correctly.

Technology. What can I say?

In Which We Discover That High WASPs Approach Perfume The Same Way They Approach Life. Intoxicated.

It turns out, oddly enough, that High WASPs take the same approach to perfume as they do to life. I know, I know, it sounds preposterous. Hear me out, if you would be so kind. 1. We mean well. Which sometimes drags on to the edge of politeness. But eventually we honor our commitments. A […]

My Favorite Way To Transition Seasons, Or, Saturday Morning at 8:18am

Three Indian summer days in Napa. My bones are nicely dry, blood warmed. Ready for autumn. I find there’s nothing quite like a horizon for optimism. Do you know what I mean? That unlimited gaze? I’m hoping the image sticks around. Here’s to a wonderful weekend for everyone. Image:me

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