5 Pieces Of Jewelry For A Wishlist

The season of presents lies in wait, just around the corner of that large turkey in your refrigerator. What better time to browse some jewelry? There’s little so versatile as jewelry, the stuff of dreams, a tool of power, glitter in a monotone day. I have been known to procrastinate all kinds of important tasks, scrolling through pictures of jewels.

Now, as you can see, if you take a quick peak at the right hand sidebar of this blog, Privilege has a sponsor. Beladora. Specializing in, unsurprisingly, estate jewelry. Let me quickly clarify the relationship, so that we can enjoy the images below, free of any nagging worry of undisclosed commerce.

Beladora has paid me for ad real estate. They have also offered a very small commission on any sale through the link. Yes, if you click the picture of the Van Cleef Alhambra ring, Beladora will know you came from Privilege. However, I have no obligation to write anything at all about Beladora jewelry. As I thought about sponsors, I realized that since I write Privilege primarily to, um, write, and to talk with you, I would not feel comfortable with sponsored posts.

And, in terms of the commission, for the initial part of this grand experiment I plan to accrue all revenue from the Beladora link. In 3 months, if we’ve got an amount of any significance, I’ll use it to host a Privilege[d] Beladora giveaway. Wouldn’t that be fun? We must dip our toes into commerce carefully. Giving presents dulls the sting of earning a living.

Right, that’s out of the way.

I have long-standing desire for a set of serious diamond earrings. The kind that hang, move, and twinkle in the night. Diamonds make a woman grin big. Five carats, Art Deco-inspired, serious dollars.

I also have a red-headed daughter who can carry off a pretty good Blake Lively imitation. This Georgian parure of gold and topaz, with a very short little black dress? A red carpet? If only to say, with insouciance, “Oh, this old parure?”

Georgian Parure But let’s re-enter the usual world. The one in which we are neither princess nor movie star. You know the one I mean. In this world, should one happen to own anything by Miuccia Prada, I have been told on good authority that Ms. Prada loves a vintage charm bracelet. Not bad with a Shabby Apple dress either. Charm bracelets say mid-century like nobody’s business. I have one, but it’s silver, and tarnished. You try polishing a miniature piggy-bank’s curly tail, or lobster pot. Not fun. Better in gold.

Of course, in our real world, some of us have jobs. In those jobs, some of us wear suits. And on some of those suits, on some days, one can augment the corporate lapel with a small indicator of our spirit. Impunity. Via a Victorian Etruscan-style brooch.http://www.beladora.com/viewitem.asp?idProduct=2528&priceRange=0x999999
Finally, for those who love both a bargain and a trend, the Ippolita Rock Candy 3 Stone bracelet, in turquoise. For summer days and tan forearms, or black 3/4 sleeves in winter. Retail price, $1650. Beladora price, $795.
Ippolita Turquoise BraceletRock on. As they say.

Images via Beladora:
Diamond earrings
Georgian topaz parure
Midcentury charm bracelet
Victorian brooch
Ippolita bracelet

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  • I appreciate your approach to advertising and making money from your writing. I think you have it right; no one minds if you make a living from your writing, as long as you don’t lose the voice that we all enjoy.

  • Wonderful. I too can get lost in dreamy online jewelry browsing. I must have this Art Deco brooch! (Unsure if comments section create live links, but just in case.) http://www.beladora.com/viewitem.asp?idProduct=291&priceRange=0x999999

  • I have a weakness for jewelry…I have tried to convince myself otherwise many times.
    I adore vintage gems…and I have visited this lovely site, they have an incredible assortment of tempting pieces…hope that you find something lovely for yourself Lisa.

  • I’ve thought of monetising too so would be really curious to know how that turns out. Your sponsor has lovely things so that is a plus and even fun!

  • Another exquisite line, “…the stuff of dreams, a tool of power, glitter in a monotone day.” Just splendid, it packs a wallop, as do the goodies you shared from a shop I love.

    The midcentury charm bracelet is calling my name, I just know it is, and I will admit to lusting in my heart.

  • And again, Miss J pondering why money doesn’t actually grow on trees… Coveting ALL these treasures.

  • Please just forward the last three items on your list to my husband and parents. ;) I will definitely check the website, if only to dream and, well, procrastinate.

  • Ack! How did that manufactured emoticon get there?! I must be more careful–I only do original emoticons, and then quite rarely.

  • Lisa – You write a lovely blog that I am sure you put quite a bit of work into. It also gives many people pleasure to read it. If you can make some money from it I think that is fantastic. I completely understand your view about sponsored posts though.

    The jewelry is absolutely beautiful.

  • Put me down for one of those vintage charm bracelets. Love it!xo

  • Be still my beating heart — can I refer this blog post in explaining why I didn’t get that Thanksgiving cooking started this afternoon?!??

    Cheers to you for trying to make some money from your wonderful blog. Perhaps a book is in your future???

  • Hmm, you have me wondering about the charm bracelet I wore, let’s see, 35 years ago. Whatever became of it?

  • Julia – Thank you. I really appreciate your voice in this.

    Kcecelia – Oh that brooch is just gorgeous. I love the “spray” motif.

    Hostess – Jewelry doesn’t harm anyone, right?:).

    Donna – I will give everyone updates as we go. Transparency, as they say.

    TPP – Oh thank you Princess. I can see you with a charm bracelet, especially one so mid-century. It’s also pretty preppy. Did you see the sailboat?

    Miss Janey – If you ever figure that one out, please let me know.

  • Town and Country – Yes. Of course. I will send it expedited.

    A Farmer’s Wife – You are so kind. Thank you so much for your support.

    La Belette – You bet honey!

    Susan – Feel free to use Privilege as an excuse for all kinds of chicanery:).

    Terri – Probably squirreled away, somewhere, adorably. Let us know if you find it.

  • The antique jewelry on this site is beautiful! Thanks for sharing it. And, I think you did an excellent job of explaining the ad and your comments.

  • Lisa, I adore the brooch. Thank you for sharing such fabulous jewels with us!

    Happy Thanksgiving!


    Art by Karena

  • If Reggie were a girl, and he is not, he would kill to have that gold charm bracelet. Marvelous!

  • From the voice of the artful cousin [“artsy” = pejorative, being halfway to artsy-fartsy and/or artsy-craftsy]: I will happily take the beautiful Etruscan brooch to my friend the metalworker and have her reproduce the articulations enough times into choker necklace, perfect with my mostly black linen [Florida, you know] wardrobe. Wish I had it to wear tomorrow.

  • I can get happily lost in Beladora’s offerings and also BeladoraII- many treasures there. You should have the charm bracelet!

  • I must find a sugar daddy to buy me the first earrings, they are so exquisite

  • LOVE the dangling diamond earrings! need a way to earn enough money to afford those beauties!!

  • I feel very much ok with your relationship with Beladora. Congratulations! Although estate and vintage jewelry are not my ” thing “, I love to see them on others. Keep doing the great work : ) Mette

  • Power tools and power jewels are always good around here.
    Happy Thanksgiving my dear….with 18 for dinner you will probably read this next week.
    Have a good one and have them do the dishes!

  • All lovely pieces… especially the the charm bracelet and the one with the turquoise. Unfortunately jewelry is a bit wasted on me. I don’t give them the proper respect they deserve (that explains the diamond earrings and pendant wedding gift from my husband that I seem to have misplaced!).

    Hope you had a happy Thanksgiving!

  • Wonderful pieces. As for your sterling charm bracelet, why not try theold tin foil/baking soda trick? It’s not like it’s an old piece.
    Have a great holiday!

  • Ohhh. I didn’t think anything could wake me out of my Post-Turkey Day stupor, but those earings certainly did! And that charm bracelet is gorgeous!


  • I love knowing that my daughter will inherit the family gems!
    Even if some came out of a “Cracker jacks box!”
    Congrats on the sponsor – your blog is full of privilege indeed.

  • I have such a weakness for jewelry. I collect it because I love shiny things and it’s just so FUN. How often do i wear what I have? Not very often. I need to remedy that ….

  • I’m sorry to have been so absent lately. I just stopped in today and wanted to say that your new layout is wonderful – sleek and clean with just the right amount of embellishment. Have a great weekend.

  • I have a mid to late century gold charm bracelet that I love to pieces! My father traveled for work (a lot) and brought my mom charms from far away places. She gave them to my sisters and I for our 30 birthdays – I think we got 9 each – and I’ve added a few of my own over the years.

    I throw my sterling charm bracelet into my jewelry tumbler – clean and shiney, easy peasy.

  • unique jewelry in your wishlist
    hopu you can get those jewelry