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  1. deja pseu
    December 20, 2010

    What an absolutely delightful post by Tish and Jeanne-Aelia! I feel as though I understand les mysteres des BCBG’s a bit better now.


  2. Hill House Ramblings
    December 20, 2010

    I’m new to the term “B.C.B.G.”…how fascinating and what an entertaining read. The illustrations are an absolute delight too. Adore the gift lists (yes, can one have too many Chanel accesssories?? I think not!). Merci Tish and Jeanne-Aelia!


  3. Karena
    December 20, 2010

    Wonderful posting by Tish, I adore her site. Lisa thank you so much for featuring her!

    Joyeaux Noel!

    Art by Karena

  4. Jeanne-Aelia
    December 20, 2010

    What a feat! I enjoyed every word from Tish and every line and image from you. No surprise there. So much fun! I linked to you on my blog, of course. Bravo and thank you for inviting me. I am very flattered and relieved that my contribution was of the artistic kind and not literary…you both always set the bar so high.

  5. hostessofthehumblebungalow
    December 20, 2010

    Wonderful post…love the descriptions, they are vivid and clever.
    The gift ideas are lush looking…and classic.

  6. metscan
    December 20, 2010

    What a great post. I will have to go through it properly with good time!

  7. James
    December 20, 2010

    What a great score for your delightful blog to have Tish Jett guest for you.Her sense of style and good taste are beyond reproach.

  8. Sue
    December 20, 2010

    Thank you so much for this most interesting post.

  9. tishjettt@yahoo.com
    December 20, 2010

    Dearest Lisa,

    Yes, let’s talk Privilege, shall we? What a Privilege to be invited into your remarkably creative space and joined with my dear friend, Jeanne-Aelia.

    She’s remarkable isn’t she? In such stellar company — you made it come alive, Jeanne-Aelia’s artwork captured the spirit with such a delightfully deft hand — it was a pleasure and an honor.

    Mille merci. We’re linked today (with a little luck, for life.)


  10. Patsy
    December 20, 2010

    Thank you Tish and Jeanne-Aelia for bring this charming family to life! The illustrations are simply fantastic.

  11. Candy Dye
    December 20, 2010

    What a delightful post!
    Merci Beaucoup!!!

  12. materfamiliasknits
    December 20, 2010

    Très charmant, merci! We were in a Hermès store this morning where there was the most darling rabbit-trimmed child’s coat — perhaps if I were BCBG, I might have bought it for my granddaughter. . . I can dream. . .

  13. Belle de Ville
    December 20, 2010

    Wonderful post!!!
    I love the BCBG look. I am loving all of these guest posts all over the place.

  14. QueenBeeSwain
    December 20, 2010

    buy once and buy as nice as you can afford! MoMo has the cherub medallion- actually, DMM does now, but I LOVED looking at that when I was little :)



  15. Susan
    December 20, 2010

    Wonderful drawings. I will have to go and see her blog.

  16. The Preppy Princess
    December 20, 2010

    Tish and Jeanne-Aelia are brilliant individually, even more so as a duo. This is delightful Miss Privilege, the descriptions, the art, all of it.

    Sending you a smile for the week to come,

  17. Town and Country Mom
    December 20, 2010


  18. meg
    December 21, 2010

    A French friend of mine once explained an intriguing practice–French women find a design that suits them, (for example, for me that might be a longer, fitted v necked jacket or top, with 3/4 sleeves, a-line dress or skirt)keep the pattern and, when new clothes are needed choose fabric and have their trusted seamstress make it. Since I love fabric and don’t sew, I found this very appealing.

  19. Allie von Summersverb
    December 21, 2010


    ps…was just wishing for a pair of elbow length, leather dress gloves this past weekend!

  20. Lisa
    December 21, 2010

    Deja – Yes, I felt both a click of recognition, and that sense of reveal. Aha! Now we understand what might have passed us on the streets of Paris.

    Hill House – Merci a vous aussi!

    Karena – Joyeaux Noel!

    Jeanne-Aelia – Thank you again. So much.

    Hostess – Don’t you just love Tish’s writing? So gentle but so witty.

  21. Lisa
    December 21, 2010

    Metscan – I am curious whether there is a similar group in Finland.

    James – I know! How fortunate am I!

    Sue – You are very welcome.

    Tish – Bisous! Bisous! (I have no idea if that is polite:))

    Patsy – So glad you enjoyed it.

  22. Lisa
    December 21, 2010

    Candy – De rien! Thank you for commenting.

    Mater – Oh, your grandaughter is charmante without ornamentation but I can absolutely imagine the temptation.

    Belle – Collaboration is so much fun. And this post is just genius.

    QBS – You have this medallion in your family? How fun!

    Susan – So glad you liked it.

  23. Lisa
    December 21, 2010

    TPP – And smiles back to you.

    T&C – Perfect response! Enchanté!

    Meg – I find at this point I do that virtually, buying the same silhouette over and over again. If I had a good seamstress, and trusted source of good fabrics, I’d love to use that strategy.

    Allie – I was THINKING about you! Have you gone to Paris yet?

  24. La Belette Rouge
    December 21, 2010

    J’adore this post!!! And I am mad for the drawings. What a treat this is! Merci!!

  25. Colleen
    December 22, 2010

    Charmed & delighted – beautiful images.
    Merry Christmas!

  26. Dana
    December 22, 2010

    Stupéfiant. Tish, Jeanne-Aelia et Lisa : le beau style et le bel arrêt-en-vos pistes qui écrivent. , Remercie comme toujours pour partager et Noël heureux. Dana

  27. David
    December 22, 2010

    I love the photos!

  28. class factotum
    December 23, 2010

    I love the jaunty scarves that the men are wearing. We noticed an abundance of jaunty scarves on men when we were in Paris last month. I have not noticed the same here, even though it is far colder in Wisconsin than it is in Paris. Wisconsin men! Jaunty scarves will help keep you warm!

  29. Lisa
    December 23, 2010

    La Belette – Thank you! I have a hankering to print those drawings out on photo paper and frame them. I can imagine them all hung together on a wall.

    Colleen – Merry Christmas!

    Dana – Merci beacoup à vous aussi:).

    David – :).

    class factotum – Ha! Hear that men of Wisconsin?

  30. La Victorienne
    December 26, 2010

    Lol I felt a click of recognition while reading about the Wasps!! Lovely drawings.
    All of this is soooo true like the importance of “the” school. btw BCBG tend to dream a lot about Harvard, Yale,… and the younger ones tend to dress more preppy (red pants, polo shirts )which adds a lot of colour (acid green, hot pink aren’t traditional bcbg colours)
    I have to admit that I do copy pattern of clothes I like (like my sister’s dress). As a don’t have a seamstress I try to make the best of it myself.

    I love your blog.

    ps: Sorry for my English, it’s the day after Chrismas ;-)

  31. La Victorienne
    December 26, 2010

    btw about the colours I find your post about navy blue reassuring. (in French bleu marine: official bcbg colour along with loden-green, white, and a touch of red)

  32. Susan
    December 26, 2010

    Just blogging around this evening. Your sketches are amazing, thank you for letting me visit.

  33. Worthy
    December 26, 2010

    Amazingly, my Grandmama wanted to be called Grandmere but was told that people in our small town would not “get it”. Well, some people wouldn’t… so she went with Grandmama instead.

    She has worn Shalimar since my Grandpapa brought it to her to their home on base in Salina, Kansas during the Korean War after he flew over to Paris while in the Air Force. And obvs, she collects Hermes scarfs (like her Herend pieces).

    And she dresses exactly like that!

    Love. It. To. Pieces.


  34. Walker
    September 25, 2012

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