How To Treat Colorphobia – Take One Peach And Call Me In The Morning

Some of us just don’t do well with color. Too daunting. But, you know, life is short. We think to ourselves, perhaps we do not want to look up, 20 years later, to find that we’ve spent our days in black. Dark black, greyed black, marled black. With hints of gray, khaki, and navy blue when we want to paint the town virtual red.

Where to turn? Color-typing is one option, clearly. Alternatively, one can rely on the kindness of strangers.

I found these at DaniBP’s blog, the Mop Philosopher.

Dani is going to Florida on vacation. Leaving from Canada. Perhaps that’s what makes her color choices so dreamlike. We all may dream of warm best when dug into months of cold.

She starts her planning with a coat. What do you know? It’s a peach-ish coral trench.

One must bring a few dresses. What do you know? Coral and peach and honeysuckle pink.

Nor sweaters. With the cutest teeny tiny monograms. I’m a sucker for initials.

By the time she’s done I’ m ready to rip my black and white tees into shreds, wear them as a giant tutu, and roam the stores seeking color.

I’m dreaming of blues. Only in this life, navy would be the safe bet and I’d risk everything on cerulean, azure, and a blue colored like the veins in my feet. On hot days. I may never return.

Someone else is going to have to do the greens. Purple anyone? Red?

And if you wondered about shoes, or bags, or you know, pearls, go here. And here.

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  • Those teeny tiny monograms are adorable…what a GREAT way to jazz up a sweater! xx

  • I know, that woman has a phd in how to dress!
    I read her blog in awe, I have no colour in mine and a mish mash of nothing very much. I just don’t “get” clothes the way Danni does.

  • “Blue gives other colors their vibration” Paul Cezanne

    Blue is also my “color” as I wear neutrals mostly and I do think that blue makes the grays, khakis, and black sing.

  • In total agreement, I too wear too much black and even say this as I buy more black. Think it might be because I am a practical person, though I adore colour. Come to think of it, I did used to wear alot more colour. Hmmmm……….I need to ponder this propensity a bit more. Food for thought. XO

  • Many years ago I read an atricle, I think in InStyle magazine, that suggested there were women who wore colors and women who wore neutrals. I think that was published in the mid 90’s. I am a color person. I have owned entire suits in royal blue and kelly green. Now my suits are mostly neutrals, but my top is almost always a color. I saw Dani’s post and loved it all.

    I am sure there are geographical and cultural norms about wearing color, but I do think most women are either drawn to wearing color or not, and that is probably difficult to change.

  • Dani definitely has the goods. She shows us how it is done! She finishes up the package with candy coloured lipstick and a great smile, great laugh and beautiful happy face!

  • ps–nice how my husband’s face shows up there!! But he’d agree with me!

  • I’ll do red! I love red!

  • I’ve got the greens and purples covered. Loyal, to black, I try not to stray too far by donning darker or muted colors. Han and Amethyst, sage and olive, stormy blues….these all work well. Bright colors and pastels, while they may look fabulous on someone else, make the hairs on the nape of my neck stand on end. (shudder)

  • I’m still in fashion kindergarten, so I can’t comment yet about colors, except to say that those colors of DaniBP’s are very pretty.

  • Wow, she really can work the colors without it looking like a mish-mash or a kindergartener’s finger painting. Applause!!!

    I love the peaches, oranges and corals, so pretty for spring…

  • I reside in the camp of black and grey…just throw me a brightly patterned and printed Hermes scarf and that’s about all that I can handle!

  • i try to keep a healthy dose of color and pattern in my wardrobe. but if i’m in a rush i definitely stick to neutrals – there’s a reason why many people who travel a ton and work in the fashion industry tend to have a pared down, neutral wardrobe :)

  • I am deeply and profoundly weary of black. Here in Oregon, we look like we’re all headed for a mass funeral.

    Climate makes a huge difference. I’ve lived in the Southeast, the Bay Area, and Southern Calif., and I wore much more white and bright colors in all of those places.

    Plus, I love color.

    So, my new challenge: Build my wardrobe around neutrals with selected colors. No more black-blackity-black for me.

  • I am so wanting to wear the peachy trench!

  • Miss J LOVES color… Though usually deeper and less pastel-y than these. However, she’s doing a fantastic job here and especially given her travel destination to Miss J’s birth state of Florida. Well-played, indeed.

  • You and MoMo and your blues! I still claim the best way to get a daughter to wear pink all of her adult life is to dress her in blue as often as possible as a little girl, probably explains a lot based on my experience ;)


  • And as for right now- color just seems so gauche when it’s below zero and there’s more snow on the ground than feet that I’m tall, so cream is my winter “color” of choice post Christmas… once March hits, then I can start working punchy peaches, honeysuckles and Windex-blues slowly but surely as the slush starts to melt.


  • I follow with great attention Dani’s blog. I have learned so much with her. She is just fabulous!

  • T o Miss Sophie…..I do keep a bit of color and print in my wardrobe….evidence of actually trying to break away from too much somberness. Yes, it is my wardrobe…at the back…never having seen the light of day since it came home with me from the shops……..

  • After years of not being a girlie girl I have started to wear pink.

    It is very flattering…

  • My mother brought me up believing anything other than very dark colors – black, brown, navy – were unflattering; light colors would make me look fat, don’t you know. I was in my 30s before I discovered I look really, really good in red, pink, purple and green. Even, occasionally, in yellow, peach and coral!

    She probably rolls over in her grave every spring when I whip out the white capris and horizontal striped tees…and, OMG, would she hate my vast collection of Crocs…

  • Ah! I can’t wear these particular colours, but I love them here! I was just thinking about colour in relation to my wintry hues, and here you’re on the same wavelength. I’m going over to DaniBP’s right away for more cheer. Thanks.

  • These are just beautiful!

  • I think I have worn black or black and gray for the past ten days. Today, I really broke out and wore cream and tan. This post was just what I needed, but I would’ve like it even better if I couldn’t see the size 0 on that J. Crew label. Sigh.

  • This is always a good topic Miss Privilege, especially for one like myself who goes in fits of black and then bursts of bright color. I love the images from DaniBP’s blog, especially the monograms, they look like twin sets of old.

    Sending you a smile,

  • Green’s my color. I like going on trips so I can pack a tightly coordinated wardrobe. In Washington last week, it was gray/lime green. It’s a lot of fun to mix and match the possibilities.

  • I love color. I have my stand-by khaki, black, grey, navy. But I love color in my sweaters + tops + shoes! I must check out her blog. Looks delish. :-) Have a great day!! xoxo

  • I adore a splash of color now and again. While my traditional shades are bright pink or a touch of chartreuse, I want to branch into more jewel tones.

    I have an irrational aversion to corals and peaches, though. I don’t know if this will ever change…

  • Well, Lisa, Florida is well-known for colorful apparel; it’s a very very very casual place, except for Palm Beach. Waaaaay too casual in my opinion, but the weather is so hideous one has to wear the minimum. It looks OK there, like it does in Mexico in the resort areas. I wear white, natural straw colors in summer. I think I’ve outgrown the prints of Lily Pulitzer. Great series.

  • Once again, you inspire me. Thank you! I aspire to grow out of the basic black that has become a staple and branch out to the beautiful wheel of color! I’ll get there. (smile)