Next Week, “Ethan Frome”

Next Thursday, Professor C. will be back with the 3rd and final installment of his Edith Wharton web series. We will be reading, and watching, “Ethan Frome.” The book is available free on the Kindle. The movie is $9.99 on Amazon, but with one-day shipping comes to ~$22.00.

Professor C. might be persuaded to do more such seminars in future, but he thinks that Mitford, previously suggested, might be too far outside his comfort zone. Other thoughts welcome. I’m glad to be saved from complete immersion in HBO’s Game of Thrones. I have a terrible weakness for pop culture, especially populated by wolves and hair extensions.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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  • Ooooo – and it’s FREE, too. I’m gonna be a downloadin’ fool this evening.

  • i need to trick the professor into coming over and chatting with us about the russians for yesterday’s THUNDERTOME. i wonder how one would go about that.

  • I remember that one from school, and re-read it last summer. Can’t wait until Thursday.

  • Looking forward to the Ethan Frome discussion. Read that in high school, I believe. Certainly liked Wharton’s other works better, but I admired how different this book was from the others. My husband is really into “Game of Thrones,” but I haven’t sat down to watch it yet. Not sure why, because I certainly like Sean Bean. :)

  • I went to the Post Ranch Inn two years ago, it was on my list!
    I’ll do a post on my top hotels, I need a new hobby now that I’ve reached the end of my list.

  • Duly downloaded, although mine’s a Kobo (it’s a Canadian thing!) and I had to buy a $1.89 version — used a $1.00 off code so my bill was a whopping .89! The time will be a bit harder to come by than the pennies, but well worth it to join in the conversation.
    Oh, dear, is Game of Thrones pretty addictive? On DVD? I’m such a sucker for these things, although currently busy taking Pater through the complete Angel/Buffy world (you would NOT believe how often I’ve watched these myself!)

  • Oh and blonde in Italy – how did you get out alive?

  • Third comment of the day – have not been able to pull the mister away from game of thrones.

  • I’m so happy! I liked Ethan Frome and am interested in hearing what “Dad” has to say about it. I do enjoy reading Edith Wharton’s books.

    Hope you can get the Professor to do more of this sort of thing. Any author, any book. I always learn something.

  • I’m entirely addicted to too much pop culture lately, a book – or better yet a class about a book sounds wonderful! Hope you enjoy the weekend Lisa!

    xo Mary Jo

  • Oh good. It will be interesting to see what he has to say about Ethan Frome.

  • Might the Professor be enticed to keep on with Edith Wharton a bit more?

  • I am an Ethan Frome fan, but fear I may not finish my assignment on time!

    Sending hopes for a happy weekend back at you,

  • Yes yes! Like we Tweeted about, thanks to Professor C I’ve devoured “The Age of Innocence” and am onto “House of Mirth” now, but I’ll switch over to “EF” if that’s next on the syllabus.

    For what it’s worth, I’d love a Mitford series; that’s a Brit I’ve been too intimidated to tackle on my own. If not Mitford, maybe Waugh? (Yes, I’m behind on my English authors of a certain vintage – too much time spent in the Austen / Bronte section, assuming that’s possible.)

  • Possibly something by William Dean Howells? I’m not that familiar with Howells’ work, but I ran across references to A Hazard of New Fortunes in the book Alone Together: A History of New York’s Early Apartments. And there are references to The Rise of Silas Lapham in Margaret Visser’s The Rituals of Dinner. Howells’ work sounds interesting.

  • This sounds wonderful! I can’t wait!

    I have been following your blog & enjoy it! Love the name Skye Peale… I wanted to bee Gregg Saunders!!! LOL Things sure change after 21!

  • Jan – Hope you enjoy. I’d never read it before, and I find it really easy and fluid.

    Jen – I am really liking the prose. I love Game of Thrones, but it certainly doesn’t count as high culture:).

    Tabitha – I can’t wait for your hotel post, m sister kept me company, and, my brother loves it too:).

    Mater – My kids adored Buffy, and watched every single episode over and over again.

    Carole – Dad is being a great sport about all this. It seems as though we are set for Passage to India next. I am so glad you’re enjoying this.

  • Mary Jo – It’s nice also to be able to read the book and if life takes one away then watch the movie, and for the purposes of this series, you’ll follow what Dad’s writing about.

    Susan – It’s a very interesting take, IMO.

    Flo – I hope you will be happy if we move to E.M. Forster?

    TPP – Dad’s piece works even if you’ve only read some of the book recently, as long as you know the story overall.

    2:04 pm
    Flo said...

    “hope you will be happy if we move to E.M. Forster?”

    Deliriously so!

  • Legallyblondmel – I’m so happy you’re enjoying this. It’s hard as a mother of little ones to read, you deserve some kudos. I believe we are going to give Forster a shot with Passage to India.

    SewingLibrarian – I don’t know him either, but let me run this by Dad. Thanks for the suggestion. I want to stay in a realm that has personal relevance, this sounds as though it could be perfect.

    Sandra – Welcome. I’d say Welcome Gregg, but perhaps, like me, you no longer hanker after that early name:).