LPC Is At Corporette For Heavy Lifting Wednesday

Today I’m at Corporette for a pair of pants. Not quite a kingdom for some pants, perhaps, but a duchy. Oh I am amusing myself most shamefully. Happy Wednesday everyone.

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  • 09/14/11
    4:24 pm


    RoseAG said...

    Nice pants but they’re so distractable at Corperette. One off-topic and there they go!

    6:17 am
    metscan said...

    I have noticed the same thing and mentioned it already earlier ;)!

  • 09/14/11
    7:36 pm


    Janey Ann said...

    It takes a special talent to amuse oneself. Stand proud. I amuse myself quite often and I find it very entertaining.

  • 09/15/11
    4:20 am


    Sarah (Semi Expat) said...

    Ha ha you made me smile too :-) – will go off and check out your article. xx

  • 10/06/11
    1:03 pm


    Lorene said...

    I found myself ndoindg my noggin all the way through.

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