LPC Is On “Miss Whistle’s January Jeliciousness”

Today I’m over at Bumble Ward’s blog, Miss Whistle, answering the question, “What to cook in January when you have very little in your refrigerator?”

The answer is Chinese Curry Noodles, and with ground beef, frozen peas, and a few pantry ingredients, you’re good to go. Tastes better than it should.

While you’re there, take a look at the other recipes she’s posted in her January Jeliciousness series. I’m going to give the Chicken and Cabbage Soup, which involves meatballs, a try. Thank you for your time.

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  • 01/23/13
    7:59 am


    Marcy said...

    Love the chatter, and the recipe sounds enticing, Lisa. I may have to go pick up some water chestnuts at the store today and give this a try.

  • 01/23/13
    12:25 pm


    Sandra said...

    Loved your recipe post and will definitely try it. My husband needs sustenance since I started blogging.

    How about some wasp recipes? Are there any that say “wasp” to you. Something from your childhood? You really have the touch writing about food. Quite charming.

  • 01/24/13
    7:26 am


    Miss Cavendish said...

    I have a new supply of Madras curry, so this dish will definitely grace my table tonight. Thank you!

  • 01/29/13
    10:33 am


    misswhistle said...

    Thank you so much for sending so many people my way. My usual posts get about 100 views, but your post got over 600! So thank you to you and your readers and fans and friends. I am not worthy!
    Big love,

    Miss Whistle xxxx

    8:23 pm
    Lisa said...

    Oh but you are worthy. I believe I have scared off all casual readers with my talk of deconstruction. As a result, those who stay are determined, and full of intent:).

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