Net-a-Porter’s Online Magazine, The Edit

Just in case you wonder, we’re not crazy around here.

Net-a-porter puts out a weekly online magazine called, The Edit. Did you know that? It’s kind of good, no surprise. And their recent Paris Glamour issue featured a List of 1o Parisienne essentials. Including, a biker jacket, cropped pants, Isabel Marant, and those persistent Chloe boots. Take a look.

So rest on your laurels, you chic non-Parisennes you. French women aren’t the only ones who know.

On second thought, we may be crazy around here. But we’re stylish crazy.


(BTW, The winner of our True Wind bag giveaway has been chosen, and I will post the name this afternoon.)

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  • I LOVE this post!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I woykd embrace zippers of I were on my fifties, but at almost seventy, I rather abstain!! LOL So great of you to let me into this publication!! Merci, merci, merci!


  • I hadn’t heard of the Edit, on the other hand, I tend to avoid online shopping. Ten Parisienne essentials?

  • I love The Edit! To be honest, it is how I get so many new tips on additions from Net-a-Porter (I also get M-W-F emails from them) and it keeps my Pinterest humming with fashionable activity.


  • I’m so glad you qualified the crazy statement – I was beginning to worry about you. ;)

  • I’ve been meaning to check it out, but kept forgetting. Thanks for the reminder!

  • I lurrrrrrve what Betty Catroux was wearing in that vintage pic w/ St. L, manoman.

  • The Chloe boots are exerting a pull on you that might simply have to be obeyed.

  • Wishing I was young and thin again – the navy Lanvin is gorgeous!

  • There is something about Carine Roitfeld that doesn’t appeal to me. I’ve seen her on The Sartorialist and in magazines and I just don’t get what it is about her.