And The Winner Is…

The winner of the True Wind bag is HHH. Thank you HHH for participating! Thank you all SO MUCH for your stories. They are just wonderful.

And Kathryn, you who lost your house, please let me know if I can give your email address to Meredith of True Wind. She’s got something for you. We all wish you well.


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  • 03/12/13
    5:02 am


    Kathryn said...

    Sure. That is so sweet

  • 03/12/13
    9:17 am


    HHH said...

    Lisa: What I delightful surprise! I’ve never won a thing in my life! I am sending you my address in a separate email with my thanks. HHH

  • 03/12/13
    10:11 am


    Patsy said...

    Congrats, HHH!

    Meredith of True Wind just gave me the warm fuzzies.

  • 03/12/13
    12:32 pm


    Flo said...

    How wonderful for Kathryn and HHH. Congratulations to all.

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