The wedding was a delirium of happiness. Emilia Schobeiri, of Emilia Jane Photography, has posted a few of her photos, here. And one more below, including Sarah’s bouquet that I’d like to carry all my life.

Lisa in Romona Keveza by Emilia Schobeiri Photography

See you all in September, when I will eventually post one more set of wedding photos, and otherwise return to the usual fare of style, some anxiety, and the raptures of living.

Although I confess the anxiety subsides.

Much love to you all.

Photo: Emilia-Jane Photography

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  • Lisa, you look beautiful. And happy. And relaxed! Congratulations!

    1:33 pm
    Danielle said...

    You do look so gorgeous and relaxed! I hope anxiety stays away and you can keep this moment of calm with you.

  • You are stunningly GORGEOUS!!!
    Best wishes for much happiness! XO

  • Awe, perfection! You look amazing.

  • Lisa, this and you are both extravagantly lovely. And I am not saying that to flatter, or be nice. Bien dans sa peau indeed; and I think that even as you grow less anxious you will be no less understanding of ours.

  • Beautiful.

    Best wishes to you and your beloved.

  • PS. Congratulations again. The best weddings must be delirious, I think; sanity is not sublime!

  • Oh, my! You are so very beautiful, and your photographer has captured the most wonderfully rich, nuanced expression of pure contentment. Just perfect.

  • You are so beautiful in this photo!!!!! Best Wishes to you and your very fortunate husband. I am so happy for both of you!!

    Susan D., Dallas

  • Wonderful photo, sounds like it all went brilliantly

  • Love, love, love the dress. Congratulations.

  • Now that s a picture of a satisfied lady!

  • Beautiful,stunning dress and shoes…congratulations and good luck!

  • You look absolutely stunning and radiant. I did click on the link and the photos are wonderful. I love every single detail. Congratulations and much happiness to you both! xo

  • Helen Mirren would kill to look that good.

    Happy life.

  • I saw the photos, and I loved everything! You look beautiful, and obviously chose all details with great taste and care.

    Congratulations to you and your husband, and best wishes for a wonderful life together!

  • Beautiful pix – you look so lovely and happy! I almost never comment here but felt impelled. Mazel tov!

  • Oh my gosh, you look stunning! Congratulations on a beautiful wedding and best wishes for a wonderful life together.

  • That is one gorgeous dress…as is the bride. Congratulations!

  • You look stunning! Gorgeous dress.

  • You couldn’t possibly look lovelier. I adore how relaxed you look. You look, on a day that drives many women to an anxious and chaotic place, sublimely relaxed, self-posssesed and blissfully happy. I wish you and your beloved every possible happiness.

  • Sublime…you look so happy and content.
    Enjoy your honeymoon.

  • Lisa, I agree with others commenting, you look beautiful, relaxed and content. How on earth did you manage that? Hats off to you my dear, and many, many congratulations!

  • You are extraordinarily lovely and are glowing from the inside out! Congratulations again and again!

  • Wow!
    I don’t have anything to add, just want to throw my hat in the ring to say…
    You are really gorgeous in this photo…what a beautiful bride!

    Congratulations Lisa! The best is yet to come.

    What an inspiration you are.

  • Gorgeous lady, you look so amazing {and best of all, happy}! So so happy for you! Enjoy the rest of summer!

    xo Mary Jo

  • The photographs depict pure enchantment. This portrait of you is particularly splendid; you are radiating absolute joy.

    Agreed as well that the bouquet is a work of art.

    Enjoy well your new life.

  • Fantastic look!! Chic, elegant, edgy. Well played.

  • Congratulations! You look absolutely stunning!

  • I can’t get over the happy look on your face. You look completely blissed out. Amazing dress, flowers, shoes and your body is ridiculous! So so delighted for you both. Much much love. B

  • Beautiful! As are the other photos as well. Congratulations and best wishes for many happy years together!

  • Congratulations Lisa. You look fabulous!

  • one word: WOW!

    talk about Class, Style, Radiant Beauty – inside and out!

    CONGRATULATIONS and may the Love gods keep and protect you…

  • Felicitations! You look lovely, and more importantly, stunningly happy. I love your dress – it’s brilliant. Wishing you both many years of happiness.

  • You look lovely. Best wishes to you and your husband.

  • You look absolutely lovely, happy, and content. Warmest wishes and congratulations. I am very happy for you!

  • Stunning! Congratulations and blessings to you both.

  • ETA just realized you linked to the other photos…incredibly gorgeous. My favorite shot’s the one of you with your children–I love the lightly traced family resemblances; I love that your expression is pure luminous glee. Daughter (and dress) are both exquisite: like an image of yourself as through a perfectly attenuated Botticelli filter. Proust’s M. Swann would have words for this.

  • OMG Lisa, you look so lovely and in love, so beautiful, so calm. What a lovely dress, what a beautiful bouquet.

    I also went to the links to look at the rest of the pictures and your daughter looks like she stepped out of a Botticelli painting (I just noticed that someone said that before)

    I wish you a lifetime of happiness!

  • Lovely photos! Best wishes!

  • Congratulations! You look absolutely stunning and very content. I absolutely adore your bouquet and dress as well. :)

  • Beautiful, stunning, gorgeous–words don’t seem adequate! You look so happy and the photographer’s photos portray a day of near perfection. Congratulations! May you have a lifetime of happiness!

  • Lisa, you look gorgeous, and so relaxed and happy. Your dress is divine. I’m with you, I would want to keep those flowers forever. I’m off to look at the other pictures now. Can’t wait to see your daughter.

    Wishing you much happiness and congratulations to you both. See you in September…sounds like a song:)

  • …and all the best for you both. You look sooo relaxed and happy. The dress and shoes are beautiful and was a good choice for a versatile use . Very modern outfit.

  • Good, here you are now I can stop haunting Instagram looking for more pictures.

    You look heavenly.

    Many wishes for much happiness and a lifetime of laughter, love and a low level of anxiety.

    See you in September.

    Now off to see the rest of the pictures.

    xo Jane

  • You look stunning and very happy. Enjoy your honeymoon and we’ll see you in September. Bon voyage!


    Lisa Grose

  • What a lovely photo! Wishing you and your new husband all of the best.

  • You look beautiful! Just stunning!

  • How utterly magnificent! Congrats and warmest best wishes, Lisa!

  • So beautiful. Congratulations!

  • You look beautiful!!

  • Congratulations to you both! You are lovely!

  • Dear Lisa,
    You look so elegant, relaxed, sure, and really & truly happy. I looked that way on my #2 wedding day!
    Congratulations. I’m really & truly so very happy for you!

  • Wow. You are absolutely beautiful! No, scratch that—you look stunning!! Congratulations and best wishes!

  • Lisa, you look absolutely stunning! Best wishes!

  • stunningly gorgeous- you look so happy. well deserved!!!

  • You look like you’re just where you want to be. Best wishes!

  • Congratulations – you look absolutely gorgeous and beautiful – what super photo – Pat

  • You look radiant. You married a lucky guy!

  • Stunning from head to toe. Congratulations!

  • Congratulations and best wishes to you both! And you look FABULOUS!

  • Congratulations! Many blissfully happy years together!

    You are stunning!


  • I can hardly believe this is a real people wedding – so amazingly perfect and gorgeous and magical and…..everything!

  • Congratulations Lisa, What a beautiful and elegant photo, but of course you are that way all the time.

  • You look gorgeous!! THAT DRESS!!! Congratulations and many years of health and happiness to you both!

  • In one word: exquisite!


  • Fabulous! You look fabulous! Congratulations!


  • You are lovely. Thank you for sharing the phots. Best wishes for a long and happy life together. As Mr Spock would say” Live long and prosper”!

  • Wishing you a wonderful new life. You look lovely!

  • Your instincts about the dress and shoes were spot on. You were resplendent. Wishing you and yours every happiness!

  • The photos are lovely! You look beyond happy and Congratulations!!

  • You are beautiful. Thank you for sharing the photos. Made me totally tear up. Hearty best wishes!

  • I almost squealed at my desk when I saw that picture. You look stunning and that dress was the best choice I could imagine for you. Looking forward to reading more about the festivities. Wishing you much happiness!!

  • Wishing you both a happy and interesting future together.You look elegant,thank you for sharing your day.

  • Congratulations! Beautiful photo! I enjoy reading your blog.

  • Despite the fact that the title of this post said “married,” I didn’t realize that it would be about your wedding and I’ll admit, when I first saw you in that beautiful dress, I gasped and immediately teared up. How serenely happy, elegant, and stylish you look! The dress is divine. I wish you and your new husband lots of happiness and love!

  • I daresay Mr. Lucky was not far away, wearing the identical expression of high contentment on his face as well.

    I’m blown away by your dress, the photos, your children, the flowers, the unseen hand of Meg/APW keeping things spreadsheet-orderly, all the way down to the two little gray hearts on the floor by your feet [even the ground you walked on was charmed!].

    Wishing the best of everything for you both.

  • Incandescent. With a nice dose of attitude. Best wishes to you and your new husband, Lisa – every happiness for you both, now and always. :)

  • Oh, incandescence! The gorgeous photos (you look MAHvelous, my dear) took my breath away with their loveliness, their exquisite composition and detail, and, most of all, the radiant joy they capture. The high-wattage-yet-serene happiness made me a little verklempt, even from a thousand miles away. Wishing you both a long, loving, textured, and rewarding companionship!

    Can’t wait for any additional details/photos!

  • Congratulations. You are beautiful. Most happiness.

  • I am thrilled beyond belief, and gaga at how gorgeous you and your lovely children look in the sublime photographs. I wish you a wonderful realization of your dreams in your new life. With fond regards, Reggie

  • Beautiful, elegant, gracious photo. You look gorgeous.

  • You look lovely- wishing you much happiness.

  • How wonderful. You look terrific, as do your children and your new husband’s chin (and the rest of him that we can see). Congratulations, and best wishes for many happy decades together.

  • Congratulations! The dress is beautiful and you are even more so. May you and your new husband have many happy years to come!

  • What a fantastic dress! It suits you perfectly.

  • Delurking to say you look smashing.

    The whole thing is smashing. Congratulations!

  • Oh my. What a glorious day it appears to have been. Congratulations! You and yours looked splendid. Thanks for letting us all have a peek.

  • Congratulations! You look beautiful and the dress is very cool. I especially like the shoes – they add elegance, ease and surprise – like a brush stroke of orange in a muted seascape. Have a wonderful honeymoon and know we all await the return of your brilliant and charming advice.

  • You look so happy and beautiful!

  • I love this so much, you beautiful, beautiful woman, you.

  • You look fabulous! Congratulations!

  • This is all very beautiful. You are very beautiful. As are your children, and this day.

  • Congratulations Lisa! You look beautiful! Wishing you all the best life has to offer!

  • Congratulations, you look STUNNING and have left me speechless, that dress is utterly fabulous!! The pics on Emilia’s site are gorgeous, especially the one with you and your children!!
    Wishing you forever happiness!!

  • Of my goodness… you look STUNNING! Love your dress… the flowers, shoes….
    Congratulations!!!! oxoxo

  • Absolutely breathtaking, Lisa! I send along best wishes for a long and happy marriage!

  • So very lovely.
    You look beautiful.
    I am so very happy for you.
    Your new husband got a great catch!

  • Damn, girl!

  • You look absolutely beautiful Lisa! I adore everything from top to toe. You did so well in such a short time, I’m deeply impressed by your powers :-) Have a wonderful time and can’t wait for your return!

  • Lisa – you look so beautiful and radiant!! wishing you all the joy and happiness in the world and i can’t wait to see more blog posts on your return :D

  • How lovely! Congratulations!

  • Classic and modern – perfection! Dress, shoes, flowers, expression – fabulous. Best wishes for a long, happy marriage!

  • “Perfection is achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away” – Antoine de Saint-Exupery

    Dearest Lisa, you look stunning! May you be forever happy!

  • Lisa, congratulations!!! Beautiful bride (glamorous actually), beautiful children (love your daughters dress, she looks so elegant), beautiful setting…and most of all, a beautiful and very special day…so happy for you!
    Wishing you and your new husband pure and absolute joy in your new life together! ♥
    xo J~

  • Wishing you both a lifetime of happiness! What a lovely day, thank you for sharing with us.

  • You look radiant! Congratulations!

  • Congratulations Lisa !!

    You look stunning, so beautiful and so happy. All the very best to you for a happy married life.

  • You look beautiful! Best wishes for a wonderful life together!

  • Wow! Beautiful! Best wishes to you both in your married life –

  • Fond wishes for all the good stuff, for you & SO, for the family. Oh my dear, do you look happy!

  • So, so beautiful! Honestly, you are gorgeous in every way here- physically, stylewise, and that happy attitude coming from your eyes.

    I am holding this up as an example of beauty in the mid-fifties. Well done, Lisa, well done!

  • You look absolutley stunning…sending you congratualitons and best wishes from Saigon… xx

  • Congratulations to the Groom…you look beautiful!

  • How beautiful! You radiate joy and serenity in this photo, Lisa!
    Best wishes to you both for many happy years together!

  • How beautiful. Wishing you and your husband every happiness.

    Many thanks for sharing.

  • You are beautiful! And, I know you will be so happy, Lisa. Big news when you return. Much love…

  • This was so much more than an elopement :) Beautifully done. May your future be equally radiant.

  • All the best and all the happiness in the world to you! You are looking stunningly beautiful! I am so happy for you. xox

  • Lisa, you look incredibly beautiful, what a stunning dress, so unique.
    Warmest wishes to you and your husband.

  • You look incredibly beautiful and incredibly happy! Congratulations! Seeing your post and the joy on your face, really brightened my day.

  • Wishing a delirium of happiness for now and forever to
    Mr. and Mrs..

  • Congratulations!

    I love love love that dress; one of the most beautiful wedding dresses I’ve ever seen.

  • that dressssss. hoo-wee. good work.

  • GORGEOUS!!!!


  • Absolutely beautiful. I have no other words to accompany my emotions.

  • How beautiful! And I love the photo of you with your lovely children . . .

  • I love it all — especially this picture of you in that stunning dress. Exceptionally well done!! You look fabulous.

  • And my heartfelt congratulations, too! That might be the real privilege, to be granted such moments. Beautiful and moving.

  • Dear Lisa,
    Simply beautiful in every way. There was certain joy, peace and loveliness in your space on the day you wed. Best wishes to you and your husband!

  • Stunning–Sublime–Beautiful!

  • I am a regular Older) reader, but never comment. This has to be an exception. All of the above comments are right on, and I couldn’t add one more adjective — except maybe one more “stunning”. Happiness always.

  • you looked divine and CONGRATULATIONS!!!

    Tell me about the speeches! xxxx

  • Many congratulations to you both! I love following your blog “from a distance” but have never commented before. However the photo of you looking so serenely happy has really moved me. Wishing you every happiness together….

  • Oh wow, you look absolutely fabulous. The dress, the hair, the make-up, the flowers, the shoes. Everything is perfect. Congratulations! Wishing you a wonderful future together.

  • So, so happy for you! You look lovely!!

  • If need be, you could derive your next 100 posts from this singular event – how to navigate life with dignity, beauty…the obvious love of family…taste/style/simplicity, etc. I suppose the truth of the matter is that your special day truly does reflect your approach to life perfectly aligned with what what you brilliantly share through Privilege. Thank you!

  • You look so stunning Lisa… you and your dress are perfection… Congratulations… and I wish you much happiness in your new future… xv

  • Beautiful! I am so happy for you and your new husband. Best wishes!

  • you look, happy, satisfied, complete.



  • Lisa, I have been remiss in my online duties. Sometimes life does that to you. But I am overjoyed to revisit your blog and find this terrific news and gorgeous pictures. Many congratulations and my very best wishes to both of you.

    And you look absolutely stunning and radiant with happiness! Love, love that picture and the smile.

  • Gorgeous.



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